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I am Daniela a professional wedding and family photographer since 2010,  based in the amazing Italian Riviera ( between Portofino and Cinque Terre).  
I love to photograph   people  ( families, couple in love, children ) and pets too.
I am fascinated by the beauty, which is contained in all things: The beauty that is in a caress, in a smile, in a sincere hug; two people walking hand in hand, in a merry laugh …. in a beautiful sunny day, in a clear sky, in a fiery sunset … in the wonder of a child’s eyes observing new things.
 I love spontaneous and candy  photography, where there are no poses.
My favorite photos, the ones I’m most proud of and that give me more satisfaction are those in which the subjects do not realize that they have been photographed.

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Hi, I'm Raul Santos, photographer graduated in Journalism from Catholic University at Porto Alegre. I started my career in 2014 in Lisbon in the Family Photography. In 2015, back to Brazil, it expanded the portfolio for events, starting with coverage of Weddings, Graduations and other social events.

Posture, excellent presentation, good cultural baggage and fast and professional treatment are some characteristics that make up my profile, as well as pro equipment and constant improvement. 

I am available for any clarification regarding packages and work style. It will be a pleasure to serve you in Cinque Terre and to offer the best memories of your trip.

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