Hello! My name is Michaela Miller and I am based in Columbus, Ohio where I have lived the majority of my life and also earned my undergraduate degree. I have traveled not only throughout Ohio but also the U.S. and the globe, gaining a stronger passion for photography with each new place. I love spending time in the city and also discovering cool places to explore outside the city. When I travel, I liketo be outside and in nature. Some of my favorite places to be are: by the water, under the stars, or soaking up the sun. In addition, the food scene is a huge part of Columbus life; there’s so much to try!
Some memorable places I have traveled to include: Seattle, San Francisco, Uganda, Thailand, Australia, Germany, Czech Republic, Chicago, Boston, and New York.
I love what travel can teach me about new cultures and lifestyles. I get to meet so many amazing people, too! I love being able to help others get an experience they’ll remember forever.
P.S. I am open to the opportunity to travel for photo sessions to nearby cities and attractions outside of Ohio.

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