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Welcome to Copenhagen
There’s a gentleness to Copenhagen, epitomized by the quiet gliding of bicycles on the streets and boats in the canals. Here you stroll cobblestone lanes, relax in cafes, bathe in the sea, or just sit in a park and watch the clouds float by.
Danes, young and old, love bicycling, and with almost 250 miles of bike lanes throughout the city, it’s a wonderful way to enjoy the culture, so rent a bike and explore!
Feel the salty air on your face as you pass the colorful 17th century buildings and sparkling water of Nyhavn District. Pause to refuel on coffee and delicious Nordic delicacies. Then head down to Langelinje Pier to wave at the bronze Little Mermaid, sitting on her rock between land and sea since 1913.
Experience the amazing architecture of Copenhagen, from classical Amalienborg Palace, home of the Danish Royal Family, to fairytale Rosenborg Castle, nestled in the King’s Garden, to the innovative Black Diamond, a modern extension of the Royal Danish Library that catches all eyes with its polished black granite façade and sharp angles.
Then pedal over to Strøget, one of Europe's longest pedestrian streets. Drop off your bike so you can shop and dine all the way from City Hall Square to King’s New Square. Stay until evening, enjoying street performers and book stalls, ending at a low-key club on a side street.
Finally, no trip to dreamy Copenhagen is complete without an afternoon in Tivoli Gardens. Not just another amusement park, it is a magical, timeless place beloved by locals and charming visitors since 1843.
Book one of our Copenhagen photographers then embrace your childlike wonder for life and relax in one of the world’s happiest cities.
Pricing starts at $255 USD for a one-hour photoshoot


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