My name is Ekaterina. I've been living in Copenhagen for the last 11 years. I love my city and love to show around. I probably know the most of good places for a photoshoot - I love to find some interesting places. So let's have a walk together.

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Hello! I am Galyna, a Ukrainian portrait photographer based in Copenhagen. I love this city and in fact it inspired me to start doing photography in the first place!
I've been living in Denmark since 2013 and I would be happy to show you around - Copenhagen isn't a big city, but has a lot of interesting and beautiful places to visit. 
Hope to see you soon!

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It is at the the age of fifteen that I first discovered photography. Pushed by my deep passion for visual arts, I managed to develop my artistic sensitibilty along the years.
he moment I passed my baccalaureat exam, I decided to enroll at an art school. Living my passion was born from a will ... an unconditional need to escape nowadays' society.
What my senses and my emotions transmit to me will never be done justice by words, which is what motivates me to live for my passion and develop it every single day, for it to keep me alive. Hobby for some, pastime for others, photography for me is the creation of something whole, a natural painting, poetically theatralized.

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My style is emotional and natural. Without the trendy post-processing and artificial posing that is so prevalent these days.

I always say: Every shot is an amazing story, with happy end, eternal love and affection ever after!

I am Russian, mom of 3 sons and  last 6 years I've lived in Copenhagen and I am happy about it.

It doesn't matter where are you now or where are you from, I am sure you are the most beautiful person I've ever met!

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