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Hi everyone. My name is Dimitrios. I live and work in the beautiful city of Chania which is a very photogenic city. For 20 years now, photography has been my passion. I love meeting new people from all around the world, photographing them and make them smile with my photos. Photos that will live through time and will accompany them because photography is our only chance for traveling back in time

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*Dimitrios is available in Chania*




Hi! I'm Giannis! I was born in Ukraine but I've been living in Greece for the most part of my life. I'm an outgoing, friendly person that likes to travel and meet new and old friends. Young enough, I realized, that the photographer's job offers many opportunities for travels and a lot more for getting to know other people and that's why i decided to go to a school of photography. Thus, I've been chasing my dream around the Greek islands since 2009. Crete is my favorite one since it has all those charming traditional cities and villages, along with mesmerizing beaches and heartful people to accompany them. What charms me the most about photography is that every picture is unique and unrepeatable. Quite like our moments. We all want to keep our memories forever, don't we?

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*Giannis is available in Agios Nikolaos, Heraklion (and villages around it) and Elounda*