We are the union of two young photographers: Adrian Lamela and Natasha Forcade. We are specialized in the photo-reportage, aiming to document our clients’ visit to Cuba from a professional point of view, giving them complete freedom to move, to express themselves and to enjoy the landscape without missing any detail.

We document the trip where the client is our main priority, placed in harmony with the surroundings and Cuban landscape, always looking for the best expressions, angles and the exact moment to achieve a natural touch. 

We are professionals who have a unique personal vision of the job and share at the same time their passion and love for photography.

We have worked with families from different countries such as the U.S.A., Russia, Saudi Arabia and Holland. It may be while they are doing a city tour, visiting the countryside, or something as simple as taking a dance lesson. We have also worked with clients with the most particular tastes, such as: a princesses, movie producers, architects and even professional photographers.

All our clients have always been very pleased with our work and professionalism, principally those clients who are photographers themselves, since they are able to photograph the landscape and surroundings without having to be concerned about taking pictures of their own families: that's what we are there for!

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Hi, I'm Brian Canelles, I'm a professional photographer. Documenting the client's trip is my main priority, making it blend in harmony with the city, from a more stylized and editorial point of view. I hope to capture in your photos the mysticism and romanticism of Havana.

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Hey there! I'm Ebony, I'm Irish and I've been living in Havana now for nearly four years. I worked as a professional photographer in Ireland and now that I'm in Cuba I also work in tourism - so I know the country very well! I love meeting new people, exploring and showing them the city which as it happens, is a paradise for photographs!  

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Welcome to the country of rum, habanos and salsa! Yes, there are many more  interesting things to see/do, let me show you!

My parents are Russian but I was born and rised in Cuba. Ive been always moved by arts, I even got to work in my teenage years with some well known cuban artist, then at the age of 22 I decided to go to Spain where I finally ended up studying photography. I specialized in commercial portraiture and became professional in 2011, few years later got into analog photography and by this time I'm the owner of one of the fewest darkrooms in cuba as all my "artistic" photographs are produced the traditional way.

My favorite thing to do in my leisure time is traveling somewhere out of Havana. That's how I've visited every corner of the country photographing it's beautiful landscapes and people. 

Right now im doing an University Degree in Visual Arts and working partial time by my own as a photographer and local guide.

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***Please note our 48hr photo delivery policy doesn't apply to our Cuba photo tours due to the restrictions on internet connection.
Photo delivery is expected to be from 1-2 weeks after but may be delayed***