My name is Adriana, I was born in the city of Cusco-Peru where I live and work as an independent photographer specialized in documentary photography. I am trained in journalism and what I like about my profession is that I can tell the life of my city, the culture and identity of the people through my images. Cusco is an important historical place because it was the capital of the Inka Empire and later, during the Spanish colony, it continued to be a strategic place in Latin America. In my city you breathe history, live past and present and also welcome people from all over the world. I would like for those who visit my land to take the best memory of their stay and I will gladly accompany that experience, portraying unforgettable moments and places.

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Photographer from Cusco with experience in other cities in Southern Peru.
I have the pleasure to live and to know this beautiful city and for that feeling to portray or capture the moments in the precise places is my passion. I am an independent photographer of Prague formation, unconventional to try to capture the moments and always looking for new scenarios.

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Peruvian photographer. Lives and works between Lima and Cusco. He studied at the Institut d'estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya in Barcelona. He loves photography and contact with people.

In addition to his commercial work, he does photographic reportage work to support the protection of the environment and the revaluation of the Andean and Amazonian ancestral cultures.

Miguel has exhibitions in Peru, Bolivia, Spain, Italy, France and Israel. He is currently a professor of photography in the city of Cusco.

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Hello, I am Omar Trujillo, photographer and artist since 2007, I studied at the School of Fine Arts of Cusco.

I love photography as an artistic expression, my specialty is portraits and we will surely have and record the best experience of your trip, nothing better than remembering the beautiful.

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I’m an international photographer, I like to think in photography not just as capturing images but as making Art.

I Studied photography in the MALI (Art Museum of Lima) and in the London Metropolitan University.
I have lived in several cities including London, Paris, Madrid and traveled many in Europe, Asia, and Russia.

Most of the year I live in Lima and travel to Cusco frequently so feel free to book a photo tour with me in Lima or in both cities. I always try to have the best gear possible with me for the shootings which is very handy.

I wish you an exciting and pleasant experience in my country, Peru, Empire of the Incas.

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My name is Sofia, I am 31 years old photographer and traveler for 3 years. My first photography passion was the landscape and portraits but since i moved to Cusco my passion is shooting travelers from all over the world, and I feel so happy to be part of such a special moment of people's lives! 

I am a big fan of natural light and I think it's essential to talk to you before our photo shoot about your preferences! About mine, I love natural portraits but I think some poses are help.

Also, I was living in US and Brazil , for this I am speaking English, Spanish and Portuguese. 

I hope see you soon!

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