I’m 28 years old and from Dallas, TX born and raised.

I’ve grown up as an artist and have participated in many art events here in Dallas. I’ve worked in bars all thru uptown and Deep Ellum the past 6 years. Now I’m a freelance artist working for a Grammy nominated band called Bowling For Soup. And I work on a podcast with them as well called Jaret Goes To The Movies.

I shoot for a bunch of bands, venues, bars, restaurants, events, and celebrities.

I am doing photography for Advocate Magazine this year along with having an art-show in which my art will benefit The Autism Treatment Center.

So basically I’m a busy guy, lol!

I’ve always kept my vision on point and my all my clients and peers happy and wanting more!

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Hey y’all. My name is Marcie and I’m a lifestyle photographer with a passion for capturing moments as they happen. I love the real and candid in between moments as much, if not more than, the posed perfectly crafted ones. As a native to North Texas, I love visiting my favorite neighborhoods and utilizing their unique features when photographing clients. There are so many great restaurants, coffee shops, museums, and famous sites to see while you’re here! It’s my hope to create lasting images for you to remember this trip forever!

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I’m Stephanie, your “Love Inspired” Photographer. Photography makes my world go ‘round & there are few things I love more than documenting real moments & genuine, human connection. My style is best described as organic, romantic, & moody.

Being photographed is an intimate experience to me. I do minimal posing aimed at authentic connections and genuine moments. My goal is to capture your story and your journey!

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