My name is Critos Pro I am 24 years old. I was born and raised in Dar es salaam.

The exotic beaches and beautiful people of Dar es salaam are what impress me and motivates my photography and I find myself becoming more and more interested with the dramatic portrait photographic.

Taking creative photography with pixel perfect size indeed is my obsession.

Join me for a photography tour and fun activity that will help you to create beautiful photographs while discovering Stone town. With the proven and friendly people alongside street of Stone town

Choose from various areas in the city to capture the famous monuments. While my focus is on take photography of you in a happy moment you would be experience, and simply tell a few stories about Stone town.

Beyond the camera talk, my main focus is on the visual elements of good composition and what makes a compelling photograph. I give you fun people, places, or things (in terms of race, class, gender, occupation, etc). What are they doing? Can you get a sense of how they feel, based on their facial expressions, body poses, or interaction with others?

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