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Hi! It’s Agnes here, a freelance photographer, serial peanut butter eater and matcha addict.

I’m obsessed with telling visual stories and capturing the amazing range of love and emotions in people.

I’m totally in love with Dubai, I know this city inside out and I can talk about it for hours. I’ll be absolutely happy to walk you through secret Dubai corners and create lasting memories from your trip to my favourite place on Earth.

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Andras Peter is a skilled Portrait Photographer living in Dubai who is passionate about capturing precious moments. He first picked up the camera in 2000 and has since and developed a penchant to perfect the art of photography using lights, shadows, compositions, and emotions.

With a creative mind and eye for detail, he has over the years channeled his passion and experience in photography to capture candid pictures across a range of categories from nature to portraits and emotions to still life.

His vision for any shoot encompasses one basic idea – understanding the needs of the client, and using the tools at his disposal to immortalize through his clicks not just the clarity and quality of an instance, but also the experiences and emotions behind them.

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Hi, I am April and I love to be in countries I’ve never been before and tell travel stories through my lens. Born and raised in the Pearl of the Orient Seas, almost all my life was spent in the tropics. So you can just imagine how awestruck I was with Dubai’s Arabian charm and its modern skyscrapers. The tea, the lights, the desert, the souks, the abras, the people (a mix of almost all nations of the world), even the oud scent - quickly captured my Filipina heart. Not long after, I found my itchy feet wandering the cobbled streets of nearby Armenia, Georgia, Czech Republic, Vienna, France, England, and climbing Swiss mountains to add more life and experience to my photography. I would love to capture your travel stories too - freeze the genuine and raw emotions as you fall in love with this city like I did the first time.

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Hi, I'm Barbara, a photographer from the Planet Earth :) To give you a bit of geographic reference, I started working in Brazil in 2008, then 5 years in Ireland, and now I’ve been shooting in Dubai. I love traveling, autumn leaves, risotto, cycling, my family and my life.

You know when you’re traveling and you feel like you're alive, and the world is yours? I would like to capture that! When I’m doing a session, it's not only about the pictures we are about to create, but also about enjoying the moment that you are living in that special place. I would love to bring all my bright energy and excitement about Dubai to your trip!

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Gaga is UAE based photographer. She produces some of the most beautiful family portraits in the industry. You can clearly see her connection with her subjects in her images—no matter the age, the family configuration, the number of participants or the setting. And perhaps even more revealing is the visible connection between family members. She has found a way to pull herself and her camera out of the picture, to let families interact in such an honest way that the resulting images can only be described as genuine.

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Louie is a freelance lifestyle and portrait photographer who grew up in the Philippines. He tells stories out of photographs with a style consisting of colorful and energetic imagery. Running a client-friendly, service-oriented approach. He believes that great creativity often is the result of hard work and listening closely to what his clients want. 

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*Available only on Fridays and Saturdays.


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Lyka is a freelance portrait photographer and everything in between. Born and raised in the Philippines, she started her passion in photography when she realized she’s bound to capture not just photos, but also souls. She is passionate when it comes to capturing emotions of different kinds of personalities of people, from different parts of the world.

She believes that, comfortability is the key to a good interpersonal relationship with your clients. And that’s what she’s made for.

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*Available only on Fridays and Saturdays.




Hi travelers! I’m Maja, Croatian girl living in Dubai, the most unique city in the world where urban jungle meets the desert.

I have travelled more than 20 countries in last few years (and still many more on to visit list) and travelling is my everyday motivation and inspiration.

I'm a photographer who likes to capture beauty of natural moments, but also very passionate about creative ideas.  As a photographer, I’m always searching for best spots and unique, interesting places (aka 'instagramable places'). I love to meet new people and look forward to share some time around the city with you. I’d be so happy to share with you some of Dubai's many secrets! Let me show you around.

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I'm a photographer based in Dubai. Photography have been my passion for over 10 years. I lived and worked abroad few years before moving back to Istanbul to settle down and live my dream job. I love walking around the city and exploring. I can tour the city and close areas with you.

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*Only available on Fridays*




Photography is my passion and addiction. Having visited over 70 countries and counting, I am a passionate traveller and my photos are inspired by places, cultures and people from all around the world.

Being a summer and heat loving person, I consider Dubai the perfect place to live. Beach season is all year round. The futuristic feeling of this city blends seamlessly with the traditional Arabic architecture creating diverse opportunities for photography.

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Hi I'm Rose, I am from the beautiful island of Cebu, Philippines and now I have moved to Dubai. Travel has opened my heart to photography. I love to capture candid moments, real emotions, real people and tell stories with my photography. Through my photos, I want to inspire people to travel, appreciate life, and see the beauty of the world. I enjoy meeting people, making friends, and be inspired by them. To be a travel photographer is one thing I'm very passionate about. It always excites me to meet travelers as much as it excites me to capture their moments and making their trip unforgettable.

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*Only available on weekends (Friday/Saturday)




Sachin Gothwal is an adept Portrait Photographer based in Dubai with a passion of capturing exorbitant moments. His debut as an enthusiastic photographer in 2002 developed a penchant to excel in the art of photography using lights, shadows, compositions, and emotions.

His perception for a shooting assignment revolves around a basic idea – understanding the demands of the client, and using the tactics at his disposal to immortalize through his clicks not just the clarity and quality of an instance, but also the experiences and emotions behind them.

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