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Welcome to Dubai
Dubai’s arrival on the international scene is relatively recent. In just the last half-century it has been transformed from a quiet fishing village to a city of luxury hotels and restaurants, golfing greens and racetracks, and ultramodern architecture.
Sitting on the Persian Gulf, Dubai is a world of superlatives, including an indoor ski resort, a Miracle Garden in the desert, and the tallest building in the world─Burj Khalifa, dominating the skyline at 2,716 feet and 160 stories tall.
And while one is rightfully dazzled by Dubai’s glittering modern surface, visitors who dig a bit deeper will come to enjoy its centuries-old heritage, as well.
Visit the historic area of Al Bastakiya and you’ll find a 19th century neighborhood created by pearl traders from Bastak, Iran, with a maze of streets lined in authentic Arabian architecture. Explore shops and galleries, enjoy the scent of spices or a guided food crawl, and take home a piece of locally made ceramics.
For another perspective of the city, head out into the surrounding desert. You can romp over the dunes in a jeep or float above the landscape in a hot air balloon. Visit the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve to meet falcons, hawks, and other raptors, and learn about the tradition of falconry used for hunting by the desert-dwelling Bedouin people.
Plan your visit to Dubai during the winter months in the Northern Hemisphere, avoiding it in July and August when temperatures average 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember that the city shuts down for the holy month of Ramadan, which varies year-by-year. And book one of our Dubai photographers to capture the superlative memories you’ll make there.
Pricing starts at $255 USD for a one-hour photoshoot


Hi, I'm Barbara, portrait photographer. I love traveling - as you can imagine - I love watching a beautiful sunset, playing with autumn...
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Gaga is UAE based photographer ( To check portfolio please visit ). She produces some of the most beautiful family...
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Mehmet Can

I'm a photographer based in Dubai. Photography have been my passion for over 10 years. I can tour the city and close areas with you.

Lyka Sandra

Lyka is a freelance portrait photographer and everything in between. Born and raised in the Philippines, she started her passion in...
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Hi travelers! I’m Maja (read as Maya), Croatian girl living in Dubai, the most unique city in the world where urban jungle meets desert. I...
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April Celeste

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Hi! My name is Anna, I'm originally from Moscow, Russia, and now I'm living in one of the most vibrant cities - Dubai. I began to take...
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Hi I'm Rose, I am from the beautiful island of Cebu, Philippines and now I have moved to Dubai. Travel has opened my heart to photography. I...
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Louie Jay

Louie is a freelance lifestyle and portrait photographer who grew up in the Philippines. He tells stories out of photographs with a style...
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Photography is my passion and addiction. Having visited over 70 countries and counting, I am a passionate traveller and my photos are...
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Hi! It’s Agnes here, a freelance photographer, retoucher, serial peanut butter eater and matcha addict. I’m obsessed with telling visual...
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