Frequently Asked Questions

Traveler: How many days in advance should I book the photo tour?
Shoot My Travel: We suggest you book 1 week in advance. We will try to do our best and accommodate any last minute bookings. Our ideal booking time is 2-3 weeks to ensure your preferred time/date/photographer.

Traveler: How many people can be part of the photo tour?
Shoot My Travel: Our packages are time-based therefore couples and groups can choose any desired package except the “You and the City” designed for solo travelers.

Traveler: Can I choose and see the photographer’s portfolio?
Shoot My Travel: Of course! You can view all of our photographers at your destination and select your top photographer(s) at the time.

Traveler: Will you share my photos online without asking permission first?
Shoot My Travel:  We respect your privacy and we'll never share your photos on our blog or social media if you want to keep them 100% private. Just let us know in advance on our booking form.

Traveler: Can I reschedule or cancel?
Shoot My Travel: No problem! Please advise us via email, phone, or text within 48 hours of your photo tour.

  • 3 days in advance - 90% refund
  • After the 3 days (72 hours) - No refund will be issued (unless it’s an emergency)

Traveler: What happens if I don’t make it to the photo tour?
Shoot My Travel: Unless it is an emergency or an extraordinary situation no refund issue for a no-show at the coordinated meeting point and time.

Traveler: What happens if we are running late?
Shoot My Travel: Call or text your photographer as soon as possible. Keep in mind your photographer may have another photo tour after and might not be able to stay longer, just ask. We recommend you arrive early to avoid traffic and have a peace of mind.

  • If you arrive late for your session, any time that has passed with be forfeited and you may shoot for the remaining time.
  • If you wish your photographer to wait for you beyond your scheduled time was set to end, the extra waiting time will be charged at $75 USD per 30 minutes on top of the fee for the extension of the shoot.
  • If you wish to extend beyond your scheduled time and the photographer is available, add-on time is charged at a rate of $150 USD per hour.

Traveler: What if it’s raining?
Shoot My Travel: Our photo tours are weather proof. Unless there is a hurricane, tropical storm or flood we will continue with the photo tours. Exploring the cities under the rain is an adventure!

Traveler: We are having an amazing experience, can we purchase extra time?
Shoot My Travel: Of course! If the photographer is available you can easily pay for the extra time through our Shoot My Travel app (available for iOS and Android). Add-on time is charged at $150 USD per hour.

Traveler: When will I receive the photos?
Shoot My Travel: We will send you a link with your personalized private gallery within 24-48 hours (ET) after the shoot.

Traveler: Am I the owner of the photos?
Shoot My Travel: You have the right to use the photos for personal use. You can share them, print them and hang them on your wall but you may not alter or re-sell them. Your photographer and Shoot My Travel retains the copyright of the photos.

Traveler: Can I choose the photos?
Shoot My Travel: Your private gallery will always have the best shots from your photo tour selected and edited by your photographer. Remember that due to the nature of candid photography not all shots will come out as planned but if you have any dreamed ‘must have shots’ let us know in advance.

Traveler: Will I receive all of the unedited photos or RAW files?
Shoot My Travel: We would love to provide all the unedited or RAW files but as you may know, once an image is taken it's only the first stage of the process. The second stage for your photos to have those beautiful tones and touch of magic, is by editing. It would take days for our photographers to edit all of the images shot and by that time you will be home planning your next trip.

Travel: How will the photos be delivered?
Shoot My Travel: We will send you a link with your personalized private gallery to your email. Once you have received the email you will be able to download the photos directly to your smartphone, computer or share them with your friends and family.  

Traveler: In what format are the photos delivered?
Shoot My Travel: Your photos will be delivered in high resolution in .jpg format.

Traveler: Can I buy additional photos, time or print directly from the photographer?
Shoot My Travel: We ask all of our travelers to be respectful and honor the hard work we do curating our photographers and offering our outstanding service.  If for any reason we find the traveler and/or the photographer are doing business outside of the platform -buying prints, additional photos or time without our consent prior the booking-  both the travel and the photographer will be banned from the platform.