I am Hamza; I started photography 10 years ago in the spiritual capital of the kingdom and the first cradle of my artistic creation; Fez.  I feel so lucky to be born in fez, the living museum as they say, where anything can be amazingly photogenic. The photography tour provided through the narrow streets of the old city is a surreal travel through history that will take you back to the eighth century

I love traveling, meeting people from different cultures and exploring the world with my camera around my shoulder, and I would be happy to show you my best spots in Fez and share with you some lasting moments of your trip.

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Omar Chennafi is a young Moroccan photographer with good professional triumphs under his belt. His love for photography came to him by fate when he was given a camera by a visiting friend and tried taking a few pictures for fun. This incident “woke something up inside me” as Omar puts it. Next thing he knew, he was hooked! His images have already been selected and featured in the Time Magazine and the Huffington Post, and he has been chosen as the official photographer of the international and prestigious Sacred Music Festival of Fez. He is also the president of one the finest photography clubs in Fez and is the founder of the International Artists Gathering of Fez.

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