I like freedom, nature, and open spaces where I can breathe deeply. I like to guess the stories behind the people I meet on the bus; I love stroking my cat, and spending evenings by myself watching a good movie. I would die to travel by teleporting and I wish I could speak all the languages in the world, but can only speak pretty good German, English, Portuguese, Spanish and of course Italian. I smile a lot, and sometimes laugh too! I am quite lucky with the sun, even if it’s just for the time of the outdoors ceremony, but you can count on me for sunny weddings! I’ll take care of your memories so that the same emotions will safely reach your children and grandchildren.

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My name is Federico, son and grandson of wedding photographers. I was brought up with “bread and film”, as I always say. My passions are photography, music and cinema. I am a (bad) country guitar player, and I have to say that music has an incredible power over me, as well as over my photography. I started very early with my interest in photography, It has always been a family passion. Since 2008 Photography has become my one and only mean of artistic expression. I love capturing spontaneity, glances and laughter, mixing the whole with elegant shots and perfect lighting. I do not enjoy using artificial lighting such as flash; I like to take advantage of the natural light, as long as there is any, of course!

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Photography has always been a passion for me, and it has become a job through synchronicity. I started using photographs in my work as a psychotherapist , because I recognized the importance of the emotional and evocative power that photographs have. After meeting a professional photographer who had worked for more than 20 years as a wedding photographer, I began to study with him. I worked with him for three years and then I started to work on my own. I love photographing people because I love capturing the emotions my subjects feel, and I know it is invaluable to have a shot to revisit our own emotions.

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