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Welcome to Florence
Tourists have been traveling to Florence since the 17th century, coming to soak in the Mediterranean climate and study art and architecture in the birthplace of the Renaissance.
And not much has changed! Except that perhaps today we are as equally enamored with the pizza and gelato!
Much of visiting Florence is about exploring the historic city center of imposing palaces and breathtaking churches. It’s easy to understand why when you stand in Piazza del Duomo and gaze up at the incredible Florence Cathedral or climb the 414 steps up Giotto’s bell tower for a bird’s eye view of the Cathedral’s gravity-defying Dome, or Duomo.
You’ll learn about that famous family of Florentine merchants, the Medicis, makers of popes and artists, who helped create the Florence we adore. In their former palaces and offices⎼the Palazzo Vecchio, Pitti Palace, and the Uffizi⎼you’ll see some of the most significant art in Europe.
Take breaks from sightseeing with incredible shopping and eating experiences. Visit food markets like Mercato Centrale & San Lorenzo or Mercato di Sant’Ambrogio to taste regional specialities. Shop for Italian leather and souvenirs in Mercato del Porcellino. Or just sit in Piazza della Signoria surrounded by sculptures of Roman Gods and Biblical heroes and sip a Campari.
For the ultimate Renaissance masterpiece see Florence at sunset. Watch it from Piazzale Michelangelo on a hill above the city, or from the middle of the 400 year-old Ponte Vecchio, a bridge as famous for the shops that line it as for the Arno River which flows beneath it.
Follow in the footsteps of centuries of travelers and book one of our Florence photographers to capture your memories in this masterpiece of a city!
Pricing starts at $255 USD for a one-hour photoshoot


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