Growing up, I always wanted to be one of those guys that travel the world and live in a different country every few years.  So naturally, I’m still on country Numero Uno five years after graduating college (University of Miami, go Canes!). Sure, I still get the itch sometimes when I travel to a new country, but every time I come back to Fukuoka it just feels like home. It’s not the most popular city in Japan, but the fact that you’re reading this profile right now puts you ahead of those other guys who only go to Kyoto/Tokyo/Osaka. Kyushu is the BEST island in Japan, and I am so excited to take you to some of the well known spots but even more so, I want to take you to rural Japan (where I lived for 3 years) and show you some of Japan’s best kept secrets. You will seldom see beauty or experience kindness like you will in Kyushu and I’d like to be the one to introduce you to it!

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Hi!! I’m Shoya, born in Japan. I’ve took photography for 6 years. I lived in Republic of Fiji for two years and worked at vocational school as Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers. I want to create wonderful photography and memory with you.

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