Who I am and what do I do? I would love to start by saying that I am a mother. I was blessed with one boy and three amazing dogs. They are everything to me. I have a PhD in neuroscience and it would be unfair to all of those who have helped me along the way if I don't mention it. I have always loved photography because it’s one of the only ways one can make that special moment alive forever. I also love photos because I can create, I can improve and I can see myself in each portrait I take. For me there is no perfection, there is love and love can make whatever you want be magical. I also love to travel and I make friends everywhere I go. But in the end I could not be more happy then coming home and see what really matters: my family and the photos I made. Photos are memories coming alive.

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Brought up in France, I moved to the UK at eighteen to study and live in London as a creative. I’ve been working as a freelance photographer ever since. Now I’m living in Geneva, I grew up near here so it’s home. I love this city for its European style architecture and stunning lake and valley views.
My style of photography is creative and cinematic, I let people act naturally and try to create a scene with each shot, whether it is portrait, fashion or lifestyle photography.
I’d be delighted to meet newcomers and share Geneva and its best walks and hang out spots, but mostly, I can’t wait to have fun photoshoots with you!

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I am a passionate photographer. I love being able to transmit a smell, a flavor, a feeling, an emotion through my photos. I love to travel myself, and have the opportunity to meet new destinations and cultures. That's why I know what travelers are looking for, and I can guide them in this beautiful city of Geneva. I am very open, and I always take into account the desires and ideas of the models. The goal is to make a session that appeals to everyone.

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