Who I am and what do I do? I would love to start by saying that I am a mother. I was blessed with one boy and three amazing dogs. They are everything to me. I have a PhD in neuroscience and it would be unfair to all of those who have helped me along the way if I don't mention it. I have always loved photography because it’s one of the only ways one can make that special moment alive forever. I also love photos because I can create, I can improve and I can see myself in each portrait I take. For me there is no perfection, there is love and love can make whatever you want be magical. I also love to travel and I make friends everywhere I go. But in the end I could not be more happy then coming home and see what really matters: my family and the photos I made. Photos are memories coming alive.

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I am a passionate photographer. I love being able to transmit a smell, a flavor, a feeling, an emotion through my photos. I love to travel myself, and have the opportunity to meet new destinations and cultures. That's why I know what travelers are looking for, and I can guide them in this beautiful city of Geneva. I am very open, and I always take into account the desires and ideas of the models. The goal is to make a session that appeals to everyone.

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