I am a passionate photographer. I love being able to transmit a smell, a flavor, a feeling, an emotion through my photos. I love to travel myself, and have the opportunity to meet new destinations and cultures. That's why I know what travelers are looking for, and I can guide them in this beautiful city of Geneva. I am very open, and I always take into account the desires and ideas of the models. The goal is to make a session that appeals to everyone.

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Sophia is a photographer from London now based in Geneva, Switzerland. She was employed at CERN, one of the world’s largest scientific centres, as the official Photographer since September 2015 until December 2017. Sophia’s work varies from social documentary to working on film sets as a stills photographer. She particularly enjoys documenting different cultures and subcultures. Her love of photography began at a young age whilst travelling to visit her father who lived in various countries around the world throughout her childhood. She grew up in Oman, Middle East, then moved back to the UK and studied Photography at LCCA in Soho, London. She likes to create a narrative in each of her photographs to stimulate the viewers mind, leaving them curious to find out about real story behind the image.

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