Hi, I'm Daniele, an Italian photographer based in Granada since 2007. I have two sons and my wife is Spanish. Granada is a wonderful city to visit and I would be so proud to show you some of its beautiful places like the Albayzín, the Sacromonte, the Alhambra and many more. My goal is to document all the precious moments and emotions that you'll live during your trip. I will give you an everlasting memory of your vacation.

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I am a photographer from Málaga, currently living in Granada. Candid portrait photography is my passion. When I am behind the camera, I try to show not only the appearance of people, but also their emotions, so that when somebody sees the image they can feel a connection. I focus on building a good relationship with the person who is in front of the camera.

Whenever I can I spend time enjoying my other passions: music, languages and traveling. I will be happy to share with you the experience of discovering the beauty of Granada.

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