Hi!! I’m Danielle, a freelance photographer from the United States. Knowing that photography and immersing in cultures were what I wanted to do with my life, I received a degree in Photojournalism from American University in Washington, DC. Since then, I have traveled and freelanced around the world, worked at nonprofits, and continued to see the world through my camera lens. As much as I love traveling and giving in to my wanderlust, just as important is helping to capture memories for people that they will look back on fondly for the rest of their life. Nothing is more rewarding than getting those priceless moments!!

Vietnam is such a vibrant and colorful place, that your photos will be truly stunning. I love finding gems off the beaten path and getting snapshots of you embracing the unique culture all around you.

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Hi, I’m Duong Le from Ho Chi Minh city. Photography is my passion. Through the photos that I capture, I want to tell meaningful stories as well as show my look, my feeling, and of course by my own way. Thus I try to hold these unforgettable ones under art view, unique but always unfeigned. It must be excited when my works of art could help you storing your happiness seconds. I’m looking forward to meet you in Ho Chi Minh city!

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I love Photography. Photography is my part-time job, yet I always refer to it as my truest hobby. Locating in HCMC, Vietnam, my favorite place to shoot photos is all over the city. Literally, the city itself is already photogenic, and combine with all the beautiful people (which are all of you guys!) make over the top beautiful pictures! My best skills lie in documentary, street-life and portrait, which in conjunction I believe will create beautiful and dynamic photos for all of you guys who choose to visit this beautiful place.

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For over 13 years I’ve been doing wedding and pre-wedding photography, as well as portraits. Over the course I’ve developed my own distinctive style. I don’t stage my pictures. Instead, I go for natural posing and true emotions. But surely, I will guide and direct you. Everything to deliver the best photographs for you.

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Hello fellow wanderers! I’m Piper, and I can’t wait to capture your travel experience! I’ve been documenting candid moments (as well as helping with posing to create a vision for the perfect image) across the US and Canada for years, and I can’t wait to work with you in this vibrant corner of Vietnam! I like to take people off the beaten path and access the unique heartbeat of Ho Chi Minh, shooting around sunrise for natural light, golden hours, and to avoid the heat as we collaborate on this amazing travel shoot!

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5 years and counting, I have been doing photography work within the cityscapes of Ho Chi Minh City. With an array of communicating skillsets, I can handle most of the “first-time-cramp problem” that most photographers or clients face. The mind is not the limit, I’m always on the verge of hunting new perspectives, catching new angles, crafting finer works. A smile on the client’s cheek when they get to see the result is my top priority. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your anniversary, your birthday memory, your first road trip to a new place, I got it all for you.
Join me, let’s not wait for the moment, but to live in one.

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My name’s Vasiliy and photography is my passion, my job and my lifestyle. I capture people’s personalities and places’ vibes through the lens of my camera so these moments can live on. Having lived and travelled in Russia, Europe, China and Vietnam, I am now based in Ho Chi Minh City.

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