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I'm a photographer based in Hong Kong. And I'm passionate at photography when I was in university.I love simple things, I love moments and I love photographing. I'm doing the things I love. Pictures are invaluable, they contain love, warmth and mood inside. I want to shoot my client at the most comfortable situation and creating value to each images from my perspective.

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The world is a beautiful place, no matter which way you look at it from. The weather never really bothers me in anyway.
All things come in varieties, so does people some are friendly, while others not so. But I believe as long as you spend time and get to know them more eventually you can enter their circle. As a photographer, you often see through the lens, yet there are also a lot happening outside. So from time to time, I look into the surrounding, and that's where you'll find interesting things. In my own words "I hate to miss out!

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Obsessed with aesthetic art, passionate to capture the authentic emotion of others, I’ve been a reactive thinker living in Hong Kong since 1995. After graduated with a BA in Art and Psychology in United Kingdom in 2017, I started to work as a freelance photographer in Hong Kong.

I conduct shoots ranging from lifestyle & travel, fashion photo to business event. During my shoot, I always aim to fulfil client’s full potential of beauty through my camera.

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I am originally from Hong Kong, I spent most of my teenage years in Indonesia so I can speak fluent English, Chinese (Cantonese), and Bahasa Indonesia.

As a local, I can take you to the best place in Hong Kong that you never knew existed to get a perfect photo for you. Beside taking memorable vacation photos, I will also give you introduction for every photo location we visit.

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I’m a lifestyle & street photographer, and a born and bred Hongkonger. I enjoy exploring and shooting in non-touristic places filled with local lively culture in Hong Kong; and believe local markets, old villages, island, historical sites, temples… are all wonderful Chinese backdrops for your photos! I am also happy to share with you my favourite local food list! Check my availability now and looking forward to capture your lovely smile naturally in my city!

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I was born in Latin America, but emigrated more than 10 years ago in order to explore the World and meet awesome people in the process. During my travels I fell in love with China and its fantastic culture and amazing places, I have been in the south of China for more than 2 years. I have a very good understanding of the region and its great touristy spots. I have been into photography and videography for the past 5 years of my life since I became a YouTuber and rediscover my art soul. I can speak English, Spanish and Chinese very well so we wouldn't have a problem communicating with locals. 

To me, life is about memories, moments and experiences, and one picture is worth a thousand words so... Let's take the best shots for your beautiful story!

Happy to bring my art into your life and be part of your Dope experience here in my second hometown :)

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This is Milan here. I am Nepalese born in Hong Kong and lived here for over 25 Years. Beside my Job I am also a freelance photographer and love doing photography specially Portraits and Street Shots. I have been in to this filed over 4 years but every shots are learning for me. I would love to be at your service through places in great city of Hong Kong to your choices with awesome photo shots, making your trip guaranteed as the memorial happy one.  

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I love crystalizing people’s experience of unique places. I’ve lived in cities like Paris, Barcelona and Montreal before falling for Hong Kong’s mixed-culture and incredible sceneries. I’ve never stopped exploring the city and its surroundings since then, trying to leverage both the curious eye of a traveler and the knowledge of a resident to take inspiring portraits including the city’s charm and authenticity.

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I grew up in Hong Kong and have lived in Toronto, Canada for half of my life. While I was obtaining my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography at OCAD University, I also worked as a freelance photographer specializing in portrait photography. With my attention to composition and ability to capture expressions and create narratives, I use portrait photography to fulfill my creative drives. After gaining life-changing experiences and skills in Canada, it is my goal to explore around and continue to learn in Hong Kong. I could spend hours preaching about how beautiful and unique I think Hong Kong is when it comes to its cultures and places for photography.

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