I'm a 32 year old traveler, photographer, digital nomad tended to ethnography and photojournalism. Nepal is my second home. I felt in love with Himalayas and it's inhabitants from the very first visit. And it never stops to inspire me to go beyond the boundaries and explore life. I like old parts of the city as well as urban blocks. Kathmandu is amazing for sightseeing and to meet local life. From beautiful ancient temples and palaces to amazing backyards, parks, markets. And it's easy to go to country-side. Especially to mountain areas. And I'll be happy to guide you on trekking trail and make shootings with magnificent Himalayas in the background.

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Hi, My name is Prasanna and I am lifestyle photographer based in Kathmandu. I have been a professional photographer since 2015. I shoot mainly candid portraits and lifestyle. I love traveling and making new friends. My style of photography is casual and cinematic at the same time. I mostly let my people be at most comfortable and naturally.

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