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Welcome to Key West, Florida
Imagine driving your car over 113 miles of turquoise blue waters and 42 islands until you reach a rum-soaked, pastel-colored, tropical getaway. That’s no fantasy. It’s what happens when you drive the Overseas Highway to Key West!
This island city is located at the southernmost point of Florida. With Cuba just 90 miles south and trade winds blowing in off the sea, the Caribbean vibes are irresistible and found in the food, music and views. The destination is perfect for a weekend getaway or a longer, lazier stay. Either way your days will be filled with oceanside bars, sun-drenched beaches, palm trees and conch-style houses.
Literary fans can soak up all things Hemingway, from his favorite watering hole, Pepe’s Cafe, to his house in Old Town Key, now home to dozens of six-toed felines. And those interested in treasure hunting can lose themselves in the maritime museum of local legend and treasure hunter, Mel Fisher, or go scuba diving amongst the coral and marine life themselves.
There are activities for everyone. If you’re after a thrill, book a helicopter tour. For luxury relaxation, head out on a sailboat for the day. Bike, kayak, snorkel, or just lie on a sandy beach enjoying a drink and the waves.
If you’re wanting to break free from the mainstream and mainland for a while, book one of our local Key West photographers and, like a pirate of days gone by, head south and off the grid!
Pricing starts at $255 USD for a one-hour photoshoot
My name is Kristina Bremer and I was born and raised in Key West, Florida. Growing up, I developed such a love for photography, and knew creating memories through still images...
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