French by birth, Koh Samui resident photographer by choice since 2008, Anne-Sophie easily distinguishes herself with a discerning eye for technical detail and an artist’s flair for accentuating the beauty of those in love. Her style is uniquely empathetic with her clients and their environs. This, coupled with an intimate knowledge of this island and best locations, allows her to deftly weave through the best shots, in any weather or lighting conditions. A unique artistic style and a personal service. 

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I am a professional photographer since 2007 with experience in Europe and Asia.
At the moment I live and take pictures on Koh Samui - the most beautiful resort island in Thailand. I'm specialized in various types of portrait shootings, weddings, engagements, honeymoon and events, family and children's photo sessions. My style is catch natural moments and get filling yourself on the shooting like easy walking with closest friends, enjoyable spending time.
Enjoy with me the process of taking photos and you will get quality photos in any case!
And in addition you will get bright emotions, live communication, useful information about Samui and spend time fun, easy and carefree.

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Matt is a local Thai photographer who enjoys meeting new people and exchanging culture before starting taking his picture. Matt believes that to capture great portrait photos is making his subject comfortable and confidence with who they are. His passion in communication enable him to speaks Chinese, Thai, English, Bahasa and some Vietnamese. In free time, Matt spends his time exploring and hiking around Koh Samui to look for new photogenic location that is not yet known to tourist.

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I’m a french photographer based in Koh Samui since 2015. I traveled around the world several years before choosing to stop in Koh Samui. I’m passionate for photography and love Koh Samui. I would like to show you beautiful places in Koh Samui such as a waterfall, view points and beaches. I will make sure to capture your moments on the Island.

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