Hey, I’m Randel and I am a natural style photographer living in Krabi, Thailand. I love see your smile behind the lens. Nothing makes me happier than being able to capture the precious moments on your wonderful vacation here in Krabi. The moments that you may forget once the day has flown by. I am a really easy going, relaxed person, and love getting to know new people. That's my happiness to produce images for people that will remind them of their happiest day.

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I am a lifestyle photographer. I love creating aesthetic and high quality images and my passion telling visual stories that inspire people.I focus on hospitality and lifestyle photography - subjects such as travel, food, people and interiors. My image have been used in magazines and marketing purpose.

My aim in photography is to capture the precious moment in beautiful and appealing way. In my photos you can see beautiful colors, interesting details, natural emotions and unfolding narratives. I want to use my skill to help other people to tell their unique story.

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