Hello! I am a photographer, guide and an author of my Awesome Kyiv Blog. I love to spend countless hours outside exploring the hidden gems of my city and then hanging out with travelers and locals in vibrant bars or cozy cafes. I love to create things which last: that's why I want to capture your best moments in my awesome city - as awesome, as you are. 

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Hi! My name is Anastasiia and I’m in love with adventure in my life. I like travelling, reading books and taking photo every day.

I will be happy to show you a capital of Ukraine and save memories about this day in Kyiv. Hope we will meet soon!

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Hello! My name is Marina, I was born and live in beautiful Kyiv!

All my life I’ve been researching and still find amazing places in this city! 

With great pleasure I will show you this amazing city!

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