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Hi, My name is Cyndi. I am a photographer based in Kansai  area of Japan such as Kobe, Osaka, and Kyoto which is the most fascinating city for travellers from all over the world!  I can't wait to see you and make some great memories together!

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*Only available on Saturdays & Sundays.




Hi! My name is Dario, I'm an Italian photographer based in Kyoto.  My passion for Japan bloomed 10 years ago when I came here for the first time. So after many travels I achieved my dream: to live in Kyoto and do the thing I love doing the most: take pictures! I spend a lot of time searching the best places in Kyoto to show you how magic this city is, let's explore it together!

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Hi there! My name is Javier, I am a photographer based in the city of Kyoto, Japan, and I have been living in this beautiful city for over 7 years. I take pictures of people at locations I have chosen over the years which are usually off the beaten path. In that way my clients can have a truly unique and exciting experience. My style and approach is informal, so subjects can trust me. You just have to relax and enjoy the ride. I will be doing the heavy lifting for you, so there’s nothing to worry about, you’ll see. I will even teach you some Japanese if you are willing to try.

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My name is Kenta, I'm a photographer based in Kyoto. I am always shooting in the beautiful landscape of Japan. I would love to show you around Kyoto's beautiful nature and friendly people.

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I was born in Osaka, Japan. I started photography when I majored in photography course in NY at the age of 22. So now, I have been a photographer for over 15years. I like travel and often had trip to Southeast Asia like Vietnam, Thailand, and India. Also, it was the biggest trip for me to travel in Latin America for a year.

My style is basically to capture your natural expressions of fun, joy and happiness. I try to take pictures of you as you are. If you have some requests, I will follow them. Priority is to make you happy with our photo session and pictures.

I am friendly and easygoing. I always want those tourists in Kyoto to have memorable time. It is my pleasure if I can help them.

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