Los Angeles born and raised, Jenny hasn't been able to put down her camera since her first photography class in high school.  Many things inspire her but she gets especially excited by natural moments.  She specializes in photographing people who are having a blast and is ready to capture you in your best light!

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I’m a creative director who has shot a ton of commercials and print ads, but I have a dual life as a passionate professional photographer. I’m a third generation Los Angeleno and I know every spot in this huge sprawling city. Which is helpful because L.A. can be beautiful and cinematic, but getting to see it all is daunting. One of my favorite things is showing off the coolest spots in L.A., from the east side to the beach, so I’d love to capture your trip and get you amazing images that you’ll be excited to have and share.

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Taylor is a Destination Lifestyle and Wedding Photographer based in Southern California. She is inspired by love and is passionate about people. With a documentary shooting style, Taylor's primary focus is getting to know people so she can best tell their story through her art. As a lover of natural light, her heart jumps at the chance to chase after the radiant glow of sunsets, and enjoys the challenge of utilizing harsh sunlight. Taylor finds joy in capturing candid moments for her clients to cherish for a lifetime, and believes that even the smallest moment can hold great adventure.

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