Los Angeles born and raised, Jenny hasn't been able to put down her camera since her first photography class in high school.  Many things inspire her but she gets especial excited by natural moments.  She specializes in photographing people who are having a blast and is ready to capture you in your best light!

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Hi, my name is Joanna, and I have been a travel writer and photographer for three years. I spent my early childhood in Greece, moved to New York, and then ended up in LA five years ago; for work and fun, I have traveled to over 33 countries so far. Even when I'm home I like to travel and discover, so I have spent all my time in LA exploring each and every neighborhood, from glamorous to historic, and doing everything from dining to hiking to learning how to fly a plane in Long Beach. I love to show off my adopted city to visiting friends and travelers because I believe LA is so much more beautiful and complex than its popular image shows. In my photography, I believe in capturing the candid as much as possible - moments that show a story. 

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Taylor is a Destination Lifestyle and Wedding Photographer based in Southern California. She is inspired by love and is passionate about people. With a documentary shooting style, Taylor's primary focus is getting to know people so she can best tell their story through her art. As a lover of natural light, her heart jumps at the chance to chase after the radiant glow of sunsets, and enjoys the challenge of utilizing harsh sunlight. Taylor finds joy in capturing candid moments for her clients to cherish for a lifetime, and believes that even the smallest moment can hold great adventure.

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