My name is Andreas, I am 40 years old and I am a photographer based in a beautiful Mediterranean island, Cyprus. 

Photography is my calling and my passion.
I don't photograph subjects, I photograph desires and feelings. I always aim for perfection and I want to bring it out of every picture while conveying a story.

My favorite season is summer! In my free time I enjoy exercising and going to the beach. I consider myself a happy, sociable and positive person. I like to indulge in practicing and improving my photography skills to produce beautiful results.
I would love to collaborate and take photos together in the island's most beautiful places.

"The best thing about memories is making them" and i will be there to capture them!

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Hi everyone!

I am Georgia Michael, a lifestyle & travel photographer loving the outdoors, the sunlight and I am from the paradise island of Cyprus, birthplace of goddess of love Aphrodite.

Photography is my passion and hobby from my teenage years. I have been practicing it since then, but more intensively for the last two years. I love to make outdoor photo shoots for travellers. I am also a great traveller, a horse rider, I love dogs and nature.

My goal is to have my guests fully satisfied and my job will be adapted in your needs, interests and personality. The greatest pleasure for me is to make people happy with photos that they could look at forever and smile.

I often say to people that in the search for a photographer they should choose somebody that photography is the “melody of his/her heart”. That’s the case with me.

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Hi i'm Philip, i love to travel and meet new places and interesting people. I'm a pro photographer for the past 15 years, i cant wait to meet and photograph new experience, people, occasions and special events. I will be thrilled to meet you. Feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas!

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