Hi! I’m Case. I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada, where there is always something exciting happening! I focus on capturing candid moments where your personality shows, as well as little moments of magic and genuine love. More than anything, I value creating a personal and lasting connection with each person I photograph. The experiences we share with one another bond us directly with other people, places, etc. Even after it's over, it stays with us, changes us, and becomes part of our story. It’s a privilege to help you create experiences and build memories you’ll keep with you forever. I’d love to speak to you regarding what feeling or moments you’d wish to capture!

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Danelle Freitas has spent over 10 years as a wedding and lifestyle photographer.  She obtained her Bachelors Degree in Fashion and Commercial Photography at the Art Institute of Las Vegas.
Danelle has the passion, curiosity, and creativity to pursue all genres of photography. 
The list of clients' projects ranges from family portraiture to lifestyle photography to commercial fashion photography. With that, she is able to turn an ordinary photo shoot into a work of art.
She doesn't approach any project as too simple or too small, and just loves to tell stories through her lens.

"I love connecting with people the most. Having that emotional connection helps me find ways to photographically tell their stories in an artistic and beautiful way.
Blending my fashion photography style into the everyday world is what I enjoy about my photography.  
I also love that there's always new things to learn and discover, and that's what helps me stay up to date with trends and the industry itself."

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