I am a Peruvian photographer based in Lima. Since I was a teenager, I spent my free time traveling around my country, happily in Perú you can find beach, mountains and forest so there are a lot of places to photograph. Later I traveled around the world, the caribbean, South America and Europe where I enjoyed shooting new places, people, cultures, and happy people having a great time. I know Lima very well and I can show you the must-see places, secrets and I can advice you with the rest of your Peruvian experience. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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Hi! My name is Karina , i am professional potographer , i love take photos and travel around de world i was  United states, south America, Centre America and Caribbean, i like talk people the other countries and talk with them about their cultures, and to show them how beautiful my city  is and to leave a good memory with a good professional photograph taken by me. My favorite area is in en Miraflores, walk along the malecon, and visit Puente de los suspiros in Barranco, so I would like show to the travelers the center of Lima and Paseo de las aguas.

You will like it!!

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I have a huge passion for photography and travel. I love to explore and meet new people. I have traveled around Europe and had many beautiful experiences but my heart is always in Peru. I have visited may places here in my country and guided tourist around it. I consider that my best photographs are the ones that I have taken in Peru, because of its amazing landscapes. I can show you the real Peru and you will exceed your expectations!!!

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