Hola travelers! My name is Alessandro, born in Italy and raised all over the world. I’m 30 years old, easy going and in love with life. I like to constantly discover new places between Lima and Barcelona and showing them to the people who come over to visit. I love natural lights, smiles, and architecture... and this is what I’ll try to catch bringing you all over the beautiful Lima. I would be happy to share a moment with you and create lasting memories from your trip in Lima.

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I am a Peruvian photographer based in Lima. Since I was a teenager, I spent my free time traveling around my country, happily in Perú you can find beach, mountains and forest so there are a lot of places to photograph. Later I traveled around the world, the caribbean, South America and Europe where I enjoyed shooting new places, people, cultures, and happy people having a great time. I know Lima very well and I can show you the must-see places, secrets and I can advice you with the rest of your Peruvian experience. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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Hello everyone!

I am a freelance Writer and Photographer born and raised in Lima, Peru, where I currently live. I have a degree in Journalism and my passion is telling stories, either writing or with my camera. I am also a mom, a free spirit and a runner; my family is international (my husband is Spanish), and I love coffee and music.

Due to my journalistic and documentary work I have travelled almost all around Peru (and some other countries too) so I also have a lot of experience regarding travel photography (in fact, I also have a travel blog). I shoot weddings too, so I know a lot about the magic and the sentimental value of those special moments captured on camera.

To me, photos are not just photos –they are alive, and they are life.

I am sure that you will love my city. Let’s share the joy and spread the love.

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Hi! my name's Karina and I'm a professional photographer. I'm Peruvian, I live in Lima. I love traveling around the world, I know part of the United States, South America, Central America and the Caribbean. Also, I love meeting new people and talking with them about my country, talking about my culture, tourist places and gastronomy. My favorite places to photograph are the districts of Miraflores, Barranco, and I love the center of Lima. I invite you to visit Lima, you will love it!!!

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I am an almost 28 years old photographer and traveler born in Perú. My first photography passion started while I was in the process of becoming an architect. I’m a big fan of natural light and I love to talk and meet people, especially if I’m about to shoot them with my camera, that’s the only way to get actually you in the photo.

I know quite well my whole country; I’ve being everywhere, I travel around since my 3 years old (I was raised in a family that loves to travel) but there is always somewhere new to go. I would love you to show all the different corners that I now in my city, and if you like also travel a little bit out side with you and show you our amazing outdoors and different types of tourism.

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I have a huge passion for photography and travel. I love to explore and meet new people. I have traveled around Europe and had many beautiful experiences but my heart is always in Peru. I have visited may places here in my country and guided tourist around it. I consider that my best photographs are the ones that I have taken in Peru, because of its amazing landscapes. I can show you the real Peru and you will exceed your expectations!!!

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I’m an international photographer, I like to think in photography not just as capturing images but as making Art.

I Studied photography in the MALI (Art Museum of Lima) and in the London Metropolitan University.
I have lived in several cities including London, Paris, Madrid and traveled many in Europe, Asia, and Russia.

Most of the year I live in Lima and travel to Cusco frequently so feel free to book a photo tour with me in Lima or in both cities. I always try to have the best gear possible with me for the shootings which is very handy.

I wish you an exciting and pleasant experience in my country, Peru, Empire of the Incas.

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