I'm a photo journalistic professional photographer, certified by the Associação de Fotógrafos Profissionais and the Federation of European Photographers, specialized in the areas of portrait, photo-journalism and lifestyle, with a keen eye for details and tryingto be as original as I can. I love to leave my clients at ease and make them laugh.

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Hi! I’m Denis and I’m from Belgium.
I have lived in Brussels and Kuala Lumpur and I’m now happy to stay in marvelous Lisboa! I love portrait photography and traveling, especially in Asia.
I have had the chance to work for magazines like Esquire, Monocle and Time Out, but nothing compares to taking people on a walk through some of my favorite places in Lisboa and getting them nice memories of their stay here!
Let’s do this together!

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My name is José Afonso I live in Lisbon. I love to capture light, movement and the simple things in life. A picture has the gift to immortalize the best moments of our lives, the smiles and the tears, the hugs, the playfulness, kisses and even moments of silence while watching the sunset. As a photographer, these are moments that I like to keep. 

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ksenia L.

Hello, my name is Ksenia. I’m a professional portrait, lifestyle and travel photographer based in Lisbon, but originally I come from Russia.
Besides being a passionate traveler, I enjoy meeting people and photographing them in the magnificent city of Lisbon!
I would love to learn your stories, as well as share my travel stories, and give some local tips. It's a great joy to create happiness through images. Creating a beautiful memory for you is very rewarding, since your happiness makes me feel truly happy too!

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ksenia Ivanova

In the last 10 years I have done 350+ photo shoots all over the continent (Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Russia, Thailand, Bali, Philippines, Inda, Japan, and many more countries). My style is “Less posing - more having fun!”

I love to assist people in seeing their most beautiful and empowered sides, and I definitely do it in my photography (s well. Showing the most genuine aspects of personalities through the little moment in the photos is my passion and my small everyday mission.

I will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and you even might forget that I am around, capturing your true emotions and expressions. But if you need some guidance, be sure that I will not leave you without my support.

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My name is Mariana Gama. I'm a photographer since an early age and hold a bachelor in Visual Arts. Photography is not just a job for me, it's a lifestyle. Meeting new people and capturing an unexpected hug or a smile beneath the light of Lisbon, it's just amazing! 

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I'm Nuno Rolinho, 38, born in Leiria, Portugal. I'm the owner and photographer of Hexafoto a photography studio at Caldas da Rainha, Portugal. I've always loved photography. I love to shoot outdoors and casual.

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I got my first camera at the age of 7. A very simple point and click Canon, right back when film was still king. From that moment on, I've used pretty much all types of platforms that allow you to create an image. My favourite? My father's 1976 Konica Reflex TC!

For a long time photography was "just" a very serious hobby that ran parallel to my career as a geologist - which allowed me to travel the world and capture cultural traditions, landscapes and my favourite theme: people. One day I got invited by a friend to shoot a flamenco dance show in London and I realized that I had to make cameras and images my life. Since then I've been a freelance photographer of pretty much everything, from dance to corporate photography. However, there is nothing I enjoy the most than photographing people and documenting the special moments of their lives.

Coming from a documentary/street photography background, I bring that approach to my lifestyle photography. Considering most people are not familiar with being the subject of a photoshoot I aim to create a natural environment where the subject is able to be himself, relax and enjoy the experience of being photographed. From my experience it is when people are feeling happy and at ease with the photographer and their surroundings that the most beautiful and candid images are created!

Born in Lisbon, in 1983 I have lived in Brazil, Mozambique, London, Porto and now coming back to Lisbon.

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