My name is Bardot, I'm 29 years old I'm from Mexico City and I live in Los Cabos, México. I started in photography 7 years ago photographing humpback whales on their migration to México. It was there where I fell in love with photography and of whales, my heart lives in the sea and the peace that it offers is unequaled. That is why I chose Los Cabos to live between the immense sea and the desert. The years went by I was growing in photography until I was right here in the now doing what I love most capturing unique moments of life in harmony with the whole.

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Hi I'm Irving. I'm a passionate photographer ready to capture your vacation memories. I want them those moments to be unforgettable and forever, capturing all of the emotion and everyone’s feelings. I am a resident in Los Cabos with years of experience in the photography scene. I can't wait to show you around!

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Hey hello! my name is Romina, I'm a Photographer/Filmmaker/Dj/Producer/Storyteller/Lifelover and I was born in the amazing Mexico city which is full of many colors, music, life and fun, At some point I decided that I wanted to live near the sea because I have a strong connection with it, there is also something very charming and peaceful in the Peninsula of Baja California Sur, is that connection of the sea with the desert, the spirit of the earth and the jumping whales that make Los Cabos without a doubt, a unique place in the world. Join me in this adventure.

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