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Hi, I'm Jeremie!

I first discovered photography 12 years ago when I was exploring Scotland. I have been a professional photographer for 7 years. I've specialized in lifestyle portrait and architectural photography. I graduated from Lyon University with a masters degree in Geography which included fascinating courses about the history of Lyon. I am so pleased to see that more and more travellers are coming to Lyon, they are so right to do so! Lyon is a modern and active City; its modernity is infused with a 2000 year old architectural heritage. Walking around in Lyon is like being told a story. Let'sgo and see the best spots together and share a moment of fun with an inspired photo tour!

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Hi traveler, my name is Kelly Acs. I’m originally from San Diego, California (yes, I love to surf, and eat lots of tacos), but a French girl at heart! I’ve traveled the world, but decided to settle in gorgeous Lyon, France (where I can indulge in macarons and croissants without feeling guilty)! I’ve been a professional photographer for over four years, and live to capture authentic moments full of happiness and LOVE. I’d love to serve you while you’re visiting Lyon on your memorable vacation! I promise to make you laugh, show you around town, and deliver great images that you can look back on for generations! 

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I’m an experienced photographer and wedding filmmaker now based in Lyon (2 hours away from Paris, Geneva, Avignon), after many years spent in Berlin and Santiago de Chile, where I built and raised my skills both as photographer and filmmaker. I like to shoot in Lyon old town for its typical “French charme”, and Confluence for its new architectural landscapes, and of course in the regions around, especially the Provence and the French Alps.

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