Todays digital world makes it easier to capture that moment for couple in love or families who cherish every moment on vacation in Mallorca. This Island have it all! The beautiful beaches, the hidden streets on the villages and most important the incredible friendly people makes it very special to living the life of a beautiful island of Mallorca. I really hope I can give you back and create incredibly memories with you and your love ones.

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Hi! I was born and live in this beautiful island, Mallorca. I love spontaneous photography and been working on weddings and engagements since 2012 with my love. It’s a dream to work on what you love, with the person you love. My style is colorful, natural, alive and always tells a story. Your story.

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Born and raised in Buenos Aires, I left Argentina almost two decades ago and since then I lived and worked in Madrid (Spain), San Francisco (USA) and now back in Spain, I settled in the beautiful Mallorca island. Along all these years, I explored, discovered and captured beauty with my camera across many continents and islands.

I love creating images that capture not just the visible aspects of people and landscapes, but also reflect connections and emotion, and ultimately serve to treasure those precious moments forever. I’m looking forward to create those images for you to enjoy and remember your time in Mallorca!

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Hello! My name is Victor Chito. I am a professional photographer based in Mallorca. I love taking pictures of couples, families and in general people who love each other! My goal is to capture the naturalness of people and make the photo session a beautiful experience and thus get an unforgettable memory.

I would love to be able to tell you about your trip. We speak? 

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