A Moroccan photographer, a street photography and a vacation photography expert. Born in Marrakesh, I'll help you locate and get your most beautiful photos in the most beautiful places of my city Marrakesh.

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Hi, I'm Mila! I've been photographer for 10 years, for 5 years I was a teacher of advertising and event photography at the university VGUES of Russia. I am living in great city Marrakech. It is a city with amazing opportunities for photography, where the oriental color is combined with exotic landscapes. I will be happy to show interesting places and make for you beautiful photography in the city Marrakech.

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I have been a freelance photographer/videographer for more than 2 years starting with bands and musicians. I am obsessed with movement and found myself traveling and shooting professional parkour and freerunning athletes. In December 2017 I turned into shooting tourists coming to my city, capturing their emotion and documenting their vacations.

So let's shoot the best moments of your vacation while you live them.

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