Photography is my passion, I love capturing moments and making lasting memories. I endeavour to capture the essence of my subjects, and enjoy the challenge of making my clients feel relaxed in front of the camera.

After living in France for some time, I gained a love for travel, culture and language and would take great pride in showing you my home city of Melbourne and it’s hidden delights.

Since a young age I have been fascinated by the challenge of creating stunning images that tell a lasting story, and I hope to tell yours.

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Chrystal is a passionate and diligent individual with a fascination for architecture and portraiture. With a keen eye for details and a creative outlook, Chrystal has always been inspired by light and shadow, and intrigued by nature. Chrystal started pursuing photography in 2014 after she started photographing her travels and portraits soon after. Her love for the medium has only mounted since. While she started off with purely documentary forms of photography such as landscapes and streets, she now specializes in portraiture.

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Hi there!

My name is Fibi (pronounced just like Phoebe), an Indonesian lady who now lives in Melbourne.
To work creatively and to capture the moment through lens have been my passion.  
The style photos I love taking is candid. I want to capture the real you, yes you! 
I want to be there for you to record all the beautiful memories.

Fill your life with adventures and have stories to tell and why not have the pictures to show them as well.

So let’s explore the beauty of Melbourne together.

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Hi. I'm Hajime. I'm from Japan. 
I love capturing the artistical moments of people through photography. 
My style of photography means I capture what happens before me and let the day unfold naturally, in fact people often comment that they didn’t even know I was there taking pictures at the time. 
I aim to tell a story through photographs. However, I also really appreciate the value of a strong portrait. 
When you look back at the photos, I want you to be reminded of the feelings that surrounded your day without any added distractions. I absolutely love shooting people who are full of love and happiness. 
I cannot wait to capture some for you.

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Hello, I am Henry; born in Indonesia, living in Melbourne and I know I belong to this city by heart. I am a food, travel and photo lovers. I have discovered a lot of hidden gems in Melbourne; this is how I will make sure you get the best experience of the city.
For me, everyone has different story and pictures could tell story where words couldn’t. This is how I spend most of my days, making people happy and perpetuate those moments. I am on a mission to make your every memories stay alive.

And remember, I’m not just your photographer; I am your travel companion.

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I am Joey, a Filipino IT professional and part-time photographer recently based in Melbourne. Two things that I am absolutely passionate about - traveling and photography. I love to shoot candid and real moments. My goal is to capture beautiful and unguarded glimpses of your adventure as you enjoy yourselves in interesting places around the city. Ready? Let's go and discover the city!

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Natalia Naa is a Melbourne based photographer and content curator. She shoots mainly portraitures, food, places and landscapes. She is inspired by adventures, travel and all things photogenic. She also seeks to inspire creativity, freedom and social connection through the clicks of a shutter button. Making friends with strangers and getting to know people better is her primary inspiration for her portraits – instead of focusing on how her subjects look, she focusses on conveying her feelings about them. She can’t wait to meet you all and have creative fun with pretty pictures!

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