I’m a Mexican videographer who enjoy taking unique photos and videos, I have been shooting since I was 15 years old, working on different styles of photography. From skateboard, landscaping, social and marketing projects. I Currently live in Merida, Yucatán and incredible land full of tradition in the heart of Mayan world.

I always care about the creative way to tell a story through my photos and videos, always looking for those details that make the difference on what is captured on camera, would be happy to share a moment with you and create ever lasting memories of your trip.

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Hi! I’m Daniel Garnica, I’m a Mechatronics Engineer, a musician and a photographer, I love creating portraits as much as I love my city Merida, I grew up in this city and I know how to share its culture, its people and the history that surrounds it.

I’m passionate about the experience this city provides and I love to capture it with natural light on a more candid photography style.

There’s something magical in this place that can be found on the food, there are many beaches with amazing landscapes near the city, countless Haciendas where you can time travel and take a glimpse to the past.

I can capture the memories you will get in this beautiful city and they will be forever a part of your life.

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rene shelly

I'm a Mexican born and raised photographer currently based in Merida, MX.

I studied in both Paris and Melbourne, where I completed my art studies.

I have no problem in sharing with you my favorite places, specially all those which include food!

Natural light is my favorite, I specialize in fashion and portrait photography but I have worked in all things from weddings to music concerts, to journalism to architecture.

In the days that I'm not shooting you'll find me sipping a tea next to my fat cat Bicho.

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*Only available on Saturdays and Sundays*