Born in Havana, Cuba I grew up among Cuba, Mexico and Spain. Majored in Communication Studies (Film and Journalism) at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and also attended the Internacional Master EFTI Photography in Madrid. With an absolute love for nature and life, I photograph because I feel that is the way I am portraying who I am and what I wan to say or If you talk about feelings, how I would like others to see what I love to feel. There is already too much darkness in this world, photography can change that. Beauty is also from this planet and I need to emphasize that beauty is about who See, not about the subject you are photographing. I believe in magic!

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I was born in Australia but these days consider myself more of a world citizen. I have been travelling and living all over the world for most of my adult life and currently my home is Mexico City. I know a lot of great places to shoot including crazy downtown, Polanco, Condesa, La Roma and many more. I studied photography at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia and when not shooting, I am an app designer. I love shooting street portraits and casual, real experiences of people. I love connecting and capturing those moments where I see you, as you.

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Mexico City is my home. I was born and raise here most of my life (lived in Oaxaca for 5 years) and I absolutely adore it. You will discover the city as one of the most mesmerizing, interracial and culture-centered cities in the world and I would love to be with you when you do. Studying my Communication Major at Universidad Panamericana has helped me to keep a fresh eye with the places that surround me. When people ask me why i love taking pictures that much I tell them that it not just about the picture as it is, but about where that pictures takes me when i see it again and what feelings it makes me feel when i stare at it. Adventurer, passionate, risk taking and fun is what I would use to describe my pictures. For me is all about enjoying the moment and making memories that will last forever.

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