Southern girl from St. Louis, with a slice of that Miami spice.
I'm a free spirit with a taste for the best life has to offer. I love to shoot fashion and portraits, and you'll almost always catch me dancing while doing so.
But if there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I love adventure!
If you're down to explore, I can show you the parts of South Florida that you've never seen on Trip Advisor, although I can take you to those places too :)

I don't just capture the moment, I create it.

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I am a passionate and enthusiastic freelance photographer with 3 years experience.

The most of all I like to show people's feelings through the photos and bring emotions to every photo shoot. I’m in love with Miami and with my job and would be pleased to show you the city and to make our special moments stay alive and last forever! 

In a few words about myself: honest, polite and punctual person.

For me it is very important to get the best result in every photo shoot.

Can’t wait to create great art for you and/or your friends and family! 

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I am born and raised Miami. A true local to this amazing city!
As a photographer, i’m always keeping an eye out for aesthetics and finding beauty in the details! I’m also a passionate traveler, so don't be shy to ask if you would like to hire me in your city or vacation destination!
When shooting, it is all about the story. Consistently aiming to capture the raw beauty and backgrounds of my customers. That means getting sandy and salty, or whatever it takes for the best narrative! Always care taking for the environment in all outdoor photoshoots, which means making sure shoots do not disturb the natural settings. I appreciate natural lighting, as it allows me to capture organic moments. Let's shoot!

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Hello! I'm Danielle, a full-time lifestyle, fashion, and editorial photographer that loves her job and everything that comes with it. I'm all about meeting new people, exploring, creating, and capturing the most meaningful milestones in your life. I want to be there with YOU.  Let's start this adventure together!

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Photography is my calling and my passion. I love people, the more diverse the better. I’m all about adventure, great food, amazing design, architecture, art in all it’s forms, nature and sports (especially tennis, golf and yoga). Well...basically, I’m all about living it up! All over my beautiful culturally rich city. Whether it's a great night out on the town or a quiet walk on the beach, my gratitude is the same. A perfect day for me is sharing the best of my surroundings with people from around the world. I love to find adventure and collaborate with others to create unforgettable experiences that they will always cherish. I photograph so that I can savor experiences, places and people again and again. I love these words by Frida Kahlo, ‘I paint flowers so they will not die.’ Wow! Just like me!

So, let’s hang out for a while, take photos together and celebrate all the amazing blessings around us. Calling all foodies, music lovers, dancers, karaoke stars, art lovers, romantics and crazy families with kids! It would be my honor for you to enjoy a bit of South Florida with me. And don’t worry...I am very easygoing I will make you super comfortable and you will enjoy every aspect of our time together.

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Hi! Emma here. I grew up in Miami, FL and began shooting photographs when I was 13 years old. I went to art school in 2013 and graduated in 2017 with a BFA in photography.

I enjoy shooting the spontaneous and natural moment.

This is one of my favorite quotes: To see the Earth as it truly is, small and blue and beautiful in that eternal silence where it floats,” the poet Archibald MacLeish.

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My name is Kellyn, I'm a Destination Lifestyle and Fashion Photographer based in Miami. I'm inspired by radiant natural light, bright colors and photographing real moments that capture people’s stories and personalities. I love spending countless hours wandering around Miami with friends exploring its hidden gems and hanging out in vibrant bars or cozy cafes of which Miami has an unlimited supply of! I love traveling and meeting new people and I will be absolutely happy to walk you through the city.

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You are the star of the show. I’ll capture your moments wherever you go!

Hello, hola, bonjour! I’m Neto Almanza from Mexico living in Miami for over 7 years. Throughout my life I’ve traveled to 50+ countries around the world. 
If there is one thing I appreciate the most about getting in the airplane and flying to a new destination, it’s the memories captured live with you forever. 

Your photos  from Miami will be colorful, exciting and remarkable (just like this amazing city)

Let the magic begin in the Magic City!

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Hi, I'm Valerie, a Colombian photographer based in sunny Miami. In my work I'm always looking to capture that special moment and natural smile while making you feel comfortable and make sure your are having fun. I love playfulness, conversations and I'm obsessed with travel. I look forward to sharing my city with you! 

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Hi, I'm Yohskarla, I know, a pretty unusual name, but was more of a pregnant woman's crazy desires.. my wonderful mom. I'm originally from Venezuela, I've been living in Miami around 4 years and let me tell you, you'll fall in love with it as much as I am. I like outgoing, authentic out of the box people, deep conversations, cheese burgers and can't say no to chocolate. Photography is my passion and I'm excited to share it with you <3 

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