Hey there! My name is Donna and I am a travel photographer from Miami, FL. I got into photography 10 years ago and as I grew my addiction for travel after college, I realized that there was nothing I loved more than capturing the heart of adventure and the beauty of the world. I'm always up for going abroad but I also love my home and showing people the best of Miami, and I would love to capture you in some of my favorite places around town!

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Hi, I'm Valerie, a Colombian freelance photographer based in Miami. In my work I strive to find a balance between idea, playfulness and aesthetics. Playfulness is important to me; I’m motivated by trying to push my work somewhere new. Somewhere else.  I sometimes reach that point by making mistakes and I often arrive at solutions by accident. I love conversations. I’m obsessed by music. I’m always looking forward to my next adventure. 

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