Hi! I am a fashion, portrait and lifestyle photography based in Jamaica. I have been a professional photographer since 2014 but have been taking photos all my life. I am excited to capture your adventures and show you around the city I love so much.

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My name is Kevin, I'm a Jamaican based pro photographer. I reside in Montego Bay.

My fascination is adventure, frequent travel, meeting new people and sharing my fascinating jamaican culture.

I love spicy jerk chicken, coconut water and the sound of the beautiful beach waves.

Lets capture the moment!!!

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My name is Olya, I'm a Jamaica based photographer and videographer. I was born in Russia and moved to sunny Jamaica in 2012. It all started as a hobby when I bought my first camera. I studied photography and videography to capture the beautiful moments of life on the tropical Caribbean island of Jamaica and while traveling to another countries. I love to travel shooting people, events, landscapes. I believe in capturing moments as they happen, in capturing memories and little things to record them forever.

Magic Moments of your travel... let me shoot them for you.

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I am the Photographer and CEO of my own company, based in Jamaica. My true passion lies in capturing special moments.

I love outdoor life and adventure. It is really refreshing visiting new places, people and culture.

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