My name is Charlotte, I’m 25, and I’ve been living in Montpellier for eight years now. After truly enriching studies in the field of cinema, I decided to create my own self- fulfilling professional balance. For almost three years now, I’ve been working as a photographer and videomaker as well as an English teacher at Montpellier’s National School of Architecture. I happen to sometimes work as a translator and I also teach Photography and Film Analysis.

I was born on a tiny island in South Pacific, hence I sometimes miss the opportunity to just stumble across somebody new in town and spend some time with them to simply share nice moments and my own experience of the city. What is more, I got a rather unique insight of this city thanks to my architecture students. I would be absolutely happy to unveil my city’s secrets to you, from the historical center to its most modernly eccentric venues, and take creative, sensitive photographs of you along the way ! I’m specialized in artistic portraits, cinematographic compositions and fashion photography. Hope to meet you soon !

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I am a 23 years old photographer and i’m born in Montpellier. I lived in Arizona, Wyoming, Paris but still coming back in south of France, where my heart is. My passion of photography came 6 years ago. I love to capture peoples memories whilst they visit my beautiful town of Montpellier. There is so many places to see ! I would be really happy to let you discover them and the history around.

I hope to see you soon through my camera !

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I am 27 years old Croatian photographer and traveler living in beautiful city of Montpellier.

Traveler myself I know what it means to be in the new city with limited time and plenty of things to see. So to make your life easier I will help you discover and capture the best places in the old historical part of the city with delicious french food and wine or if you prefer to relax and hit that "off button" and enjoy the sun at the beach.

My biggest passion in photography is to capture candid moments of people having great time in fun and unique way. I shoot in natural light and my preference for the photoshoot is to shoot in the afternoon, just before the sunset or so called " golden hour" when the light is so warm and makes your skin looks absolutely gorgeous.

Hope to hear from you and see you soon! Merci Beaucoup !

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