My name is Chantal and I am a professional photographer with a degree in fine arts. I started my career as a magazine Art Director and now specialize in documentary-style photography. I capture moments as they happen. I shoot people, places, and pets (yes pets!). I have traveled over 25 countries and still think Montreal is the best. You can choose between the romance of old Montreal, the hip mile/end plateau neighborhoods, the graffiti and art districts, some awesome parks, cat and dog cafés, wine bars, foodtrucks, or the amazing coffee houses.

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I studied Engineering but the 43 countries I visited in my life pushed me in the direction of being a photographer. I enjoy it every single day and I improve every single shoot. I just love the world and photography makes me explore it more and more. But my city of Montreal is home and is the ground I know the most for photography. I could say that almost no one knows the city better then me under most aspects.

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Young and dynamic, I enjoy taking unique photos and traveled across the globe to capture temporal and cultural moments from different civilizations.

Specialized in portrait and fashion photography, I  merge you in a universe specifically designed for your pictures.

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I am a French photographer, who's passionate about people and their emotions. Candid portraits & the capture of the moment, that's how my photographer's eye was honed.
In reporting, i want to transcribe the moments without being asked by capturing real moments and your emotions. For that, I remain the eye in the viewfinder, between two shoulders watching for smiles, tears, glances and cuddles. This approach tells a story, yours, the one you decided to immortalize with me.
I write your story with light, sweetness and love!

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Allo ! I am Nicolas. Bienvenue à  Montreal ! Let me be your guide to the beating heart of this beautiful city that I fell in love with on my first visit in 2010. I love Montreal so much, I decided to move here 5 years ago, from Paris, France.  I know this city’s main attractions and hidden secrets. I have explored the streets as a photographer on my bike, from the Plateau to Hochelaga and the Old Port to the Mount. Montreal is diverse, exciting and vibrant. As photography is part of who I am, Montreal and its people have become my muse, my home. I look forward to capturing  unforgettable memories for you .

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Hello travelers! My name is Sarah and I have been a Montrealer for 13 years. Despite living here for almost a decade-and-a-half, the city never fails to surprise me; keeping me on edge and making me fall in love with it and its people every single day.
I began my journey in photography as a blogger, capturing the many concerts and events that take place here, but my interests soon turned to street and urban photography after discovering all the hidden gems and secret places of this beautiful city. 
As a blogger, I always know the coolest and hippest places to visit and I love working with people to capture them in those contexts. I find all my subjects to be an inspiration and use their emotions to create unique moments to capture. Being a photographer has changed my life and I hope I can share both my passions for the city and photography to give you unforgettable memories during your visit.

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