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My name is Alessa and I'm a photographer in the beautiful island of Mykonos.I have always had a strong passion for photography,that's why I made it my job which I absolutely adore!I'm also a horse rider,I love dogs and traveling (a lot!).

My style in photography is pretty simple so it can match the sun,sea and breathtaking architecture of my island.I have walked around Mykonos countless times,finding the best spots for my clients because I love capturing unique memories for every single person I photograph. Hope to see you soon!

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I am a professional photographer working for more than a decade based in Athens, Greece but also located in Corfu and Mykonos islands. I have collaborated with many newspapers and magazines, advertising companies, hotels, shops and other while have been specialized in street photography, fashion, still life, interiors and exteriors.

I enjoy my work and always have as priority to please my customers by giving the best of myself.

It is the physical evidence of a past time in which we capture, in order to remember for ever.

When I am not taking photos, I enjoy travelling around the world. I am pretty happy when I get to do both. I have been working as a photographer for magazines and newspapers since 2004 and been fortunate enough to document people all over the world.

I am originally from Johannesburg, South Africa but grew up in Corfu, Greece.I love to create pictures that tell stories as well as documentary people in their most honest and vulnerable moments.

My work is a collaboration with my clients. I am not a strict photographer that only captures what is there; I am capturing how I am feeling about it as well. Only interested in real smiles, real expressions and real motions.

I have learnt during my time as a photographer that my favourite images are created when there is a genuine communication between the person I am photo shooting and myself.

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The journey has been wonderful, it is wonderful when you do what you were born to do. My first encounter with photography was in primary school in Sydney Australia where I took photography as a selective course. At the age of 12, I was processing my own film and printing to the amazement of my teacher, from then on the journey began. I wanted to become a photographer After finishing high school I studied photography and I have a bachelors degrees from Middlesex University. For over 15 Years I have been a professional photographer seeking light understanding emotions trying to see what is not visible and listening to the elements. This gift has helped me understand people without asking too many questions.

The respect of people uniqueness is the challenge for me to bring out and show the world who this person is in the most respectful way.

If I was your mirror I am when you feel at your best with a clear mind and spirit. Photographing people gives me so many rewards it is a touching experience and its main goal is to be translated into great geometry and conjunction with light so they will shine as they are by nature.

The art of photography has several high standards that you must excel in, in order to take photography to the next level.

With devotion and embracing new technologies our profession has evolved and will be further evolving in the near future to make a lifelike image into a still image. I will be on this journey as I have seen many come and go. The future in my professional career will give year after year finer tuning in the end results this is my evolution. I currently reside in Mykonos Greece a blessed island with true great light and energy where I have been fortunate enough to live my passion.

The wonderful people I encounter have many requests taking me some time away from my beloved island to

various countries around the world for my photography.

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Hi everyone!

I am Georgia Michael, a lifestyle & travel photographer loving the outdoors, the sunlight and I am from the paradise island of Cyprus, birthplace of goddess of love Aphrodite.

Photography is my passion and hobby from my teenage years. I have been practicing it since then, but more intensively for the last two years. I love to make outdoor photo shoots for travellers. I am also a great traveller, a horse rider, I love dogs and nature.

My goal is to have my guests fully satisfied and my job will be adapted in your needs, interests and personality. The greatest pleasure for me is to make people happy with photos that they could look at forever and smile.

I often say to people that in the search for a photographer they should choose somebody that photography is the “melody of his/her heart”. That’s the case with me.

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Spyros Paloukis (b. 1980) is an artist based in Mykonos, Greece. He has followed photography courses at the Stereosis School of Photography in Thessaloniki and he has obtained an MA in American Studies in University of Antwerp, Belgium. He focuses on editorial projects both on assignment and self-produced collaborating with various magazines and event planners. Furthermore, he is the founder of an exclusive gay wedding photography service in Mykonos, Greece.

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