Hi, I am Giusva and I am a professional photographer based in Naples.

Napoli is a beautiful and mysterious city full of hidden beauties where you can take unique street portraits, I love it!

There are countless places to choose from, you can choose to take a walk along the promenade with the castle by the sea, in the old town, or over the panoramic hills with parks and castles. Wherever we go, it will be a magnificent opportunity to take shoots with a unique touch.

With over 25 years’ experience, my expertise goes from portraits to reportage photography.

I am constantly searching for challenges and captivating opportunities to express my technical abilities and my creativity.

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Hi folks, welcome to Naples!  I’m Massimo and will do all I can to make you fall in love with my home town and surrounding areas like Sorrento, the Amalfi coast, Pompei, or whatever may be on your wish list.  A professional photographer and journalist, I speak good English, French, Spanish – and guess what – perfect Neapolitan too!   Actually I ‘m pretty good at making myself understood in almost any language – if you don’t mind a lot of gesturing and grammatical errors. I’ve traveled extensively and seen countless fascinating places, but Naples still remains my favorite and I want it to become yours too.  Besides showing you all the important cultural and historical sights, I’ll let you in on local secrets, the natives’ most popular haunts, my own favorite spots – everything to make you feel like true Neapolitans.  Once you’re home again, my photos will let you relive the memories and emotions of your visit –- and probably the desire to come back again soon!

I am an expert sailor and love spending time on my sailboat, I also practice Aikido . . . but above all I love good company, good food, and am very easygoing – try me!

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I am Roberta, an italian photographer of wedding, family and portrait. I'm in love with my hometown and I like to show to the travelers the secret place of this great city. I love to meet new people to photograph and to capture the best smiles and feelings.

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