My name is Daythan, I am 29 and I’ve been working as a photographer for 10 years now. I have always been a creative detail type of person. It all started as me just doing simple graphic work and although it wasn't the best at that time I loved it and learned to sharpen my skills. Naturally I transitioned into taking photos and immediately fell in love. I am 100% self taught and I continue to push my creative ability and skill to get better. 

I was born and raised in The Bahamas and growing up I was always one to wonder the city, so I know all the ins and outs. I am constantly look for places to do shoots at that maybe no one would ever think to do one. 

I love photographing people as I can guaranteed that no two photos would ever look the same, and that is what I love, I always make sure that my photos are thriving with vibrant colors and capture the true expression on my clients faces. I am not a "posey" type of photographer I love my client to be free and do what the want while I capture candid and fun shots. 

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Each occasion has its own story that is waiting to be told! Let Judah, the founder of NDO Films, tell your story because “we capture everything”! Founded in 2012, my company specializes in wedding photography and videography services that service an array of customer needs. Its name means “No Days Off”, a testament to this dynamic photographer ability and willingness to capture timeless moments and produce high quality photos and videos. I've worked with family portraits, maternity sessions, christening, weddings and engagement portraits and promotional branding.

Our list of clients includes brands and individuals such as: the BET Awards 2016, We Da Best Music Group, Five Seasons, The Bahamas Telecommunications Company, The Island House, Shaunae Miller, Rick Ross, Nas, DJ Khaled, Machel Montano not to mention our list of brides and grooms!

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Hello! My name is Karlyle and I am 31 years old. I began in visual arts at the age of 13, filming in the church I grew up in and found I had a natural gift for composition and emotive moments.

Photography came as a by product of a class I took in college but ever since I’ve been more interested in the story behind a single frame than telling them by the 24 frames in a video. Thus I have spend the last 10 years telling stories one photo at a time.

I would LOVE to help you discover our beautiful Nassau city, and hope to create magical images with you very soon!

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