I’m a freelance Photographer and a Software Engineer living in Delhi, India. I love exploring more about a place and new places. Delhi is India’s capital and is a wonderful and diverse city. I would be happy to help you discover and explore the experience of Indian culture. I love meeting people and exchanging ideas. For me, Photography is about expression and we can create some amazing and lasting memories together.

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My Interest lies in Graphics, Photography, love creating and developing more and more ideas. I really like to observe and learn something new. Photography started out as a hobby, then became a means of escape and comfort and now it acts as a means to show how I perceive the world around me. For me photography is something more than passion, something that can't be expressed in words, something that i would only want to put is across with the best i have.

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Vikas Gupta, Traveller and Photographer by profession, born and bought up in Delhi, India. Working as a Freelance Photographer.  Exploring and experiencing the most Beautiful, Cultural and Adventurous places of the India. Love writing, trekking, Hiking, Football and travelling.

I believe in sharing my Travel experiences and explorations through my photos. For me in every Photo there is a Story to narrate; it must convey the strong message to the viewers. I click to define all travelogues and promote to conserve “Nature and Culture heritage”. All my pictures are about varieties of Cultures, Places and people co-habiting in one BIG WORLD. I love to encourage the young generation to travel and live beyond their dreams.

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