My name is Achim Harding. I am a freelance photographer that is fortunate to reside in the great city of New York. It is the pursuit of fashion photography that has brought me to this city. Whether it be fashion, weddings, engagements or just regular portraits, I love using New York City as my backdrop in my frames. I love the use of vibrant colors in this city to show just how alive "The City That Never Sleeps" truly is.

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My name is Caitee and I am based in one of the greatest cities in the world - NYC. My two greatest passions in life are photography and travel (and cats, too). There is absolutely no better combination than traveling the world with a camera attached to your face. I grew up in a variety of places around the US and it has definitely contributed to my fascination of capturing culture, especially growing up in New Orleans. Aside from photography and travel, I have a love for my furbabies (love you, Atlas and Gambit), my Volkswagen, and French fries.

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My name is Gianna, born and raised in South Florida, and now living and working in New York City! I have been a photographer for 7 years now, and I also studied photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. My style of photography varies greatly, but the majority of my personal work revolves around fashion photography. However, taking lifestyle portraits is so much fun for me, and I have a lot of experience doing it! The best part about NYC is that essentially anywhere is a great place for photos. So lets take advantage of all this city has to offer, and create amazing portraits together! 

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Hello! My name is Kassandra, I started photography when I was 16 years old mainly taking photos of nature and landscape. My passion grew into taking photos of people, and I have been a lifestyle and portrait photographer for five years. I look forward to meeting you, showing you around NYC during these days, and capturing your memories.

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**Only Available from Nov 9 to Dec 14, 2018**


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Hi, my name is Kevin. I’m originally from São Paulo, Brazil and have been living in NYC for over 15 years. I am a freelance photographer and visual artist. I love documenting real, authentic, and unique moments. My favorite thing to do is walk around NYC with my camera because no matter how many times you walk these streets, you will always be able to capture something new and different. The best thing about this NYC is that beauty can be found anywhere you go! Let’s explore NYC together and let me help you document your awesome new memories!

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Laura Merrill is a New York City native photographer with an artistic eye and love for creativity.  Behind the lens she misses no opportunity to capture the story behind the picture.  Versatile and innovative, Laura will find the perfect city backdrop to help capture your epic travel adventure.

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I'm originally from Cleveland, Ohio. I've been working professionally for 12 years & living in NYC for the last 6.  My style is natural and beautiful. I strive to capture the moments unseen by the naked eye. I take very seriously the idea of the optical unconscious. I believe I can capture the true emotions of a moment with my camera. I want to be with my clients in the moment but not interrupting - just there to capture the natural mood and energy. I am here to deliver what my clients want and I am happy to adjust my style and editing to their needs.

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I have been roaming around the world for 10 years living in 6 countries and 9 cities before settling down in New York in 2014.
I have been working as a professional photographer since then mostly focusing on portraits. I know Manhattan and Brooklyn very well, which means I can take my clients off the beaten path if they wish to avoid the touristy spots, but I can also deliver a best-of-new-york tour just as well. 

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Matthew began his photography career in New York City in the mid 1990's working with various wedding photography studios. After moving to Greater Hartford, Connecticut in 2004, he worked out of his studios in the Farmington Valley from 2007 to 2016. After spending a brief winter in beautiful Sedona, Arizona in 2018, he has returned to his photographic roots in NYC where he enjoys working with ordinary people to create extraordinary portraits that they love.

To watch Matthew at work is like viewing a genius artisan at the height of his creativity. A master of his craft, the camera is merely an extension of his heart. Described by his peers as a rare talent and a "natural", Matthew is thoroughly at home wherever he goes. Modest but passionately buoyant, he connects easily with his clients, uncovering emotion and hidden meaning not readily seen by most. Often mistaken for a member of the family, Matthew is gifted with an uncanny knack for being in the right place at the right time, rescuing volatile once-in-a- lifetime moments from disappearing forever.

When asked what he strives for most in his work, his perfect answer is: I'm just looking for images that move me." Matthew J. Wagner is New York’s best-kept secret no longer.

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From New York City, Michael Ostuni is a photographer, with a love for creativity and a spirit for opportunity. Versatile and innovative, his work ranges from travel, weddings, red carpet, fashion, portraits and fine art. Michael currently boasts an impressive 1.4 million views of his travel pics on google maps!

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My name is Oleg. I'm a professional photographer with 3 years of experience. I love to travel. I lived in Moscow, Bangkok, Milan before I moved to NYC. So I'm pretty much familiar with people who visit my city as a traveler, because I walk in the same shoes all the time.

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Hi. I'm Selina, a photographer and graphic artist based in New York City. Clean lines, light, rich texture, tiny details - these are the things that catch my eye. I try to capture the essence of a moment. To have the image evoke more than just the sights seen, but emotions felt. A memory. So whether you prefer the world-class tourist sights or the textured and surprising moments just off the beaten path, this town has it all! I would love to take you around and capture your time here in New York City! Looking forward to meeting you! 

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Born and raised in Ukraine. Eight years ago she moved to New York. From the very first moment she felt in love with this city. New place inspired her to become a photographer. While she discovering new hometown, she realized that New York can’t be Itself without New Yorkers. She understood later that actually most of those New Yorkers are from different 

countries in the world. Tourists and immigrants , business people and local people who moved here while ago... New York it’s not about skyscrapers and Wall Street. New York is a spirit which you have to feel. And the only way you can do it is either become a local or surround yourself with local people. 

Since then she decided to help her visitor friends to learn more about real New York. She made for them exclusive photo session tours. Where the person was getting experience as he/she is New Yorker. Wondering around in urban jungles of the city, they were capturing the most beautiful pictures. They were visiting popular places from different views which regular tourist don’t know about. She shows them secret places and give them little advices and tips where to go for entertainment, where to eat or do shopping.... Tetiana love to meet new people and make new friends. She is very friendly and have positive vibes. It is hard to get bored by being around her. On top of it she’s incredible photographer. You will never live her without having dozens of incredible photos of you in your pocket. And priceless memories. 

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Hello, my name is Travis. I’m a photographer based in one of the greatest cities in the world... NEW YORK CITY! I’ve been doing photography for about 4yrs now. I started off doing modeling for a few years and then branched off into photography. It was always my passion to capture those timeless moments of people in places.  New York is a great place for me to do that. It’s the city that never sleeps so there’s always something going on, and something to capture every minute. I spend a lot of time exploring the streets of New York City with my camera, meeting new people, seeing different things. Please join me as I capture a visual story of your journey in New York!

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