Our Story — Shoot My Travel

Our Story

The idea of Shoot My Travel first came to life when co-founders Valerie Lopez and Camilo Rojas were vacationing abroad in Europe and came across a dilemma. While surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and stunning architectural buildings, Valerie, a Miami-based photographer, was torn between the desire to get behind the lens, but also be in front of it.
After thinking how nice it would be to have high quality pictures of themselves on vacation, Valerie and Camilo imagined it would be the perfect opportunity to work with a photographer – but had no idea how to find one in a foreign city. Many awkward selfies and out-of-focus shots captured by strangers later, they realized they may have just discovered a niche in the market of travel photography.
Once back home in Miami, Valerie shared the idea with her mom, who quickly walked away and returned with a pile of old photographs and beaming eyes. The photos were of Valerie’s parents vacationing in Rome circa 1986: Timeless moments captured in portraits. “Your dad always used to book a photographer for us when we were on vacation,” her mom reminisced.
Valerie had never met her father as he had passed away before she was born. But, through this experience, she felt his presence more than ever, and took it as a sign to launching Shoot My Travel.