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I was born in Cañada de Gómez, a small city in Argentina. I played, grew, studied and worked there until I was 31 (2012). Thatís when I decided to start a solo bike adventure that would change my life. Along the way I became passionate about photography.

After a 5-year cycling trip, I am living in Paris, France. I am ready to show you the city and provide you with the best images for your memory.

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Curious by nature, non-stop questioner, compulsive reader, passionate about languages, I’ve being living in Paris since 2011 (except for some exciting breaks in Sicily, Rome and Berlin). Graduated in a photo-art program in Berlin, my first steps as a photographer date back to the 90’s when I attended a journalism school in my hometown university (Curitiba). At that time, there was only analog photography and I learned to shoot and process black & white films in a calm pace. This rhythm, which I would call slow photography, determined my own style. Portraits are my speciality and I’m happy when I help my clients to visually tell their traveling stories by them. 

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Salut! I'm Filipp your Paris photographer. I'm Parisian since 2002 and professional photographer for more than 5 years now. In love with this city and with my job I would be pleased to show you Paris and to capture your special moments here with my camera. With candid or posed pictures, let's create together your memories of Paris.

I speak English, French and Russian.

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Young and dynamic, I enjoy taking unique photos and traveled across the globe to capture temporal and cultural moments from different civilizations.

Specialized in portrait and fashion photography, I  merge you in a universe specifically designed for your pictures.

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Hello! I’m an English portrait and lifestyle photographer living in Paris’ culturally rich 20th Arrondissement. I have been shooting for most of my life, professionally for about 10 years. I was a chef before that! I love to capture peoples happy memories whilst they visit my beautiful adopted city. I know all the spots; secret or famous, romantic or urban - and all things in between. Drop me a line to chat about how I can best fit into your itinerary and help make everlasting memories of your Paris adventure. 

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Julia Romanovskaya, self taught photographer, born in Ukraine in August 2d, 1988 and now live in Paris. I started to photograph when I turned 16 years old and with first captures I realized at once that my favorite subject is people. Since then I already worked with Vogue France, Vogue Ukraine, Elle Ukraine, Boys by Girls, Indie magazine, Le Figaro, etc. 

I started to investigate Paris with my personal touristic project Friend in City that I launched in 2014 and 2 year ago I settled there. Paris gives me great influence on my style of photography. I am complitly fascinated by the effortless simplicity of Parisian style and its aesthetics. I work mostly in fashion photography and portraits, always preserving natural and authentic beauty.  

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Hey I'm Maebh!

I’ve been shooting since I was 15 and have travelled far and wide with my camera and I shoot both analogue and digital. I study Graphic Design and everything in the art and design world is my passion. Some of my favourite spots are hidden and are only known to locals. I love meeting new people and I too am an avid traveller and explorer. I strive to capture genuine moments and emotion in my shots and of course have fun!

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Bonjour! I am a tiny 25 years old french photographer based in Paris.
I wish my eyes could take pictures, but they can't so I try to use photography to share the beauty of the world and of the people I meet!
I have been traveling a lot these past few years, so now that I’m back in Paris, I would LOVE to help you discover this beautiful, exciting city to the fullest, make you have a great time and offer you unique pictures!

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My name is Marc Mateus, I am 29 and I’ve been working as a photographer for 10 years now.
In 2007, I started taking pictures of street-art and collages all around Paris. I realized that I wanted to be a photographer for the rest of my life when I began to take portraits of my friends. After all this time, I’ve been shooting people, weddings, events, cities, and other artistic stuff, but what I love the more is to capture the real emotion like during a celebration, so helping tourists during their trip would satisfy me too.
I would be more than pleased to walk around the capital and capture your memories during your stay.

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I am a 27 years old photographer and traveler born in Brazil in an Italian family. My first photography passion was landscapes but since I moved to Paris my passion is shooting travelers from all over the world, and I feel extremely happy to be part of such a special moment in a lot f people's lives! I am a big fan of natural light and I think it's essential to talk to you before our photo shoot in order to know your preferences! About mine, I love candid portraits but I think some poses are also really special. I usually mix the two! Moreover, I like to photograph in "secret" places as well as in places that scream "hi everyone, I'm in Paris!" That's up to you to decide! See you soon!

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SEPTEMBER, 2019 // OCTOBER 1 TO OCTOBER 17, 2019 // OCTOBER 28 TO NOVEMBER 1, 2019 //




Bonjour! I'm Beks, your Paris photographer! Actually, I'm brazilian, but I'm living in Paris since 2008. I started as traveller photographer then I decide to photograph more than my travels and I started to photograph people travelling to Paris. So, here I'm capturing smiles and tears of emotions from my clients in this lovely city. I have an analytical and creative way to photograph, I'm always trying to create different compositions and immortalizing through photos unforgettable moments in Paris of my dear clients. Hope we can meet here!

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stephanie B.

Dear travelers! I’m Stéphanie – born and raised in Paris. I'm a happy, easy going and free-spirited person. I love making people feel at ease to take candid shots of them, finding some great places in Paris, traveling, capturing beauty and emotions. I love natural light, smiles, connecting with people from all over the world and the freedom that comes with my work. Photography has allowed me to meet amazing people as well as experiencing beauty everywhere I go! I would be happy to share a moment with you and create lasting memories from your trip in Paris.

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I am a french photographer absolutely passionate about travel. I spent all my youth in various foreign countries (Vietnam, Norway, Libya, Belgium) and I used to be a publisher for travel guides. I am very curious about Paris, my beloved city! I'll help you discover the best part of this magical city, depending of course on your desires and expectations.  Shoot My Travel is definitely a wonderful opportunity for me to mix all my passions : travel, photography and meeting people from all around the world! I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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