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I was born in Cañada de Gómez, a small city in Argentina. I played, grew, studied and worked there until I was 31 (2012). Thatís when I decided to start a solo bike adventure that would change my life. Along the way I became passionate about photography.

After a 5-year cycling trip, I am living in Paris, France. I am ready to show you the city and provide you with the best images for your memory.

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Eileen W. Cho is a 25 year old Korean-American photographer based in Paris. She completed her studies with Magnum Photos in Creative Documentary and Photojournalism in 2016 and since then has exhibited at Magnum Photos Paris and Voies-Off Arles. Her passion for photography started at a young age when she got her hands on negatives captured on a Leica M6 but she only got her first camera in May of 2015. When she is not shooting for her own pleasure, she is traveling the globe to capture what she sees at fashion weeks.

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I'm a filmmaker and photographer based in Paris and I earned two masters' degrees in Cinematography. I am a culture seeker and love to travel around the world. I live in Montmartre and I know all the little places of this area. I love to shoot in it because it's like a village inside a big city. 

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Hello! I’m an English portrait and lifestyle photographer living in Paris’ culturally rich 20th Arrondissement. I have been shooting for most of my life, professionally for about 10 years. I was a chef before that! I love to capture peoples happy memories whilst they visit my beautiful adopted city. I know all the spots; secret or famous, romantic or urban - and all things in between. Drop me a line to chat about how I can best fit into your itinerary and help make everlasting memories of your Paris adventure. 

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Julia Romanovskaya, self taught photographer, born in Ukraine in August 2d, 1988 and now live in Paris. I started to photograph when I turned 16 years old and with first captures I realized at once that my favorite subject is people. Since then I already worked with Vogue France, Vogue Ukraine, Elle Ukraine, Boys by Girls, Indie magazine, Le Figaro, etc. 

I started to investigate Paris with my personal touristic project Friend in City that I launched in 2014 and 2 year ago I settled there. Paris gives me great influence on my style of photography. I am complitly fascinated by the effortless simplicity of Parisian style and its aesthetics. I work mostly in fashion photography and portraits, always preserving natural and authentic beauty.  

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I am a 27 years old photographer and traveler born in Brazil in an Italian family. My first photography passion was landscapes but since I moved to Paris my passion is shooting travelers from all over the world, and I feel extremely happy to be part of such a special moment in a lot f people's lives! I am a big fan of natural light and I think it's essential to talk to you before our photo shoot in order to know your preferences! About mine, I love candid portraits but I think some poses are also really special. I usually mix the two! Moreover, I like to photograph in "secret" places as well as in places that scream "hi everyone, I'm in Paris!" That's up to you to decide! See you soon!

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Hello, I am a 27 years old portrait/fashion photographer living in Paris currently. I love taking photos of people and I do believe everyone deserves to be captured in their best. Living in Paris for 3 years now and I love just every corner of the city. Whether it is the iconic place like the Tour Eiffel, Bir Hakeim, Montmartre or an old abandoned railway to a small unknown street, Paris is still a beautiful gem. if you want to discover not-too-cliché-Paris, join me!

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Hi there! I’m Paulette, a French Parisian enthusiast, lifestyle photographer and storyteller. I lived in Asia many years before moving back to Paris to settle down and live my dream job. I love to connect, create relationships and tell stories about people visiting the City of Light. Look forward to meeting you and capturing your special moments!

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I am a freelance professional photographer based in central Paris. I was born in Russia and lived for 10 years in Togo. I graduated from Université Paris 2 Assas Panthéon Sorbonne with a Master degree in International Economic Law and later graduated from SPEOS Paris Photographic Institute in Professional Photography. I'm in love with Paris and with my job and would be pleased to show you the city and to make your special moments stay alive and last forever

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My name is Samuel, I am 28 and I've been taking pictures from my earliest childhood! I've been a professional photographer for 2 years now. I work with fashion designers and travel agencies. I know Paris like the back of my hand as I am a keen biker! My goal is to talk to you beforehand in order to understand as much as possible your wish and your vision of Paris. 

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Dear travelers! I’m Stéphanie – born and raised in Paris. I'm a happy, easy going and free-spirited person. I love making people feel at ease to take candid shots of them, finding some great places in Paris, traveling, capturing beauty and emotions. I love natural light, smiles, connecting with people from all over the world and the freedom that comes with my work. Photography has allowed me to meet amazing people as well as experiencing beauty everywhere I go! I would be happy to share a moment with you and create lasting memories from your trip in Paris.

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I am a young fashion and portrait photographer based in Paris. I speak fluently English, French and Norwegian, and a little bit Italian and Spanish. I have been working with photography since I was 18, a true passion of mine. Can't wait to create great art of you and/or your family and friends, and show you the best spot of the most beautiful city in the world

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I am a french photographer absolutely passionate about travel. I spent all my youth in various foreign countries (Vietnam, Norway, Libya, Belgium) and I used to be a publisher for travel guides. I am very curious about Paris, my beloved city! I'll help you discover the best part of this magical city, depending of course on your desires and expectations.  Shoot My Travel is definitely a wonderful opportunity for me to mix all my passions : travel, photography and meeting people from all around the world! I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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I grew up surrounded by nature in France's Lozère Valley. I have since traveled around the world photographing my journeys- including seven years spent in Québec, Canada. There, I received a B.A. in Visual & Media Arts from Université Laval. 

During that time, I developed an appreciation for the ways in which photography allows us to capture memories through light. It was then that I decided to make my passion a profession.

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