Hey there! My name is Elizabeth and I want to share a bit about myself. I have two adorable furbabies. I love to travel and explore new places ✈ I am an absolute foodie. Give me a glass of wine, some delicious bread and cheese and we'll be best friends! I adore cooking and exploring with flavors. In my spare time, I am very passionate about fitness. Any given day of the week you can find me in a gym testing my weightlifting limits. ♀ I am very passionate about photography I welcome you and thank you for being here! So, that's me!

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For over 12 years, I've been a natural-light, real-life photographer. I am an artist- I capture genuine smiles, heartfelt emotion and intimate moments. I’ve had my work published in numerous magazines and art pieces.I’m an avid traveler and travel photography is my passion. Im professional yet layed back. I love to have fun, laugh and make new friends.

I love animals, Hot chocolate and a good travel story! ;)

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Hello! I’m Talia, a portrait/lifestyle photographer based out of sunny Phoenix, Arizona. I grew up in the desert and picked up a camera when I was fourteen and haven’t set it down since. Capturing those magical, candid moments of emotion is my favorite thing in this whole world but those classic “Oh my goodness, look at this gorgeous place I’m at” poses also have a special place in my heart. I’d love to hear about your travel adventures and help you make your visit here the most memorable trip yet. If you want to dance in the beauty of the desert or experience the unique art scene of Phoenix or literally anything else Arizona has to offer, I am here to help. I look forward to meeting you and see ya soon!

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