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About me

I'm Sky - a Brighton born international portrait-lifestyle photojournalist with a passion for telling YOUR STORY! I love nature, natural light and cinematic colour grading & was a video editor / colour gradist for 15 years and a pro photographer for 6years. I am a self taught photographer, government trained and used photojournalist and am agency represented in LA; I spend my time shooting between my home town of Brighton where I love seeing my Dad ( I am actually teaching him photography) and friends - and Los Angeles, where my partner and I have a contract to shoot medical/surgical operations with some of the finest American Cancer surgeons for an LA Oncology Hospital department. I have been working for a team of surgeons recording their work for charities similar to Doctors Without Borders since 2017. I love shooting a whole range of different subjects - anything that my lens captures in fact - but particularly like candid photojournalism; yes I can take great portraits of you but some of the best will be the ones where you let your guard down having a laugh shooting with me! I am an extremely experienced British Government trained photojournalist - my first assignment was covering a political election on the Caribbean country of Montserrat. Prior to that assignment, I spent 15 years backpacking through Asia, in particular Thailand with my videocamera. Sailing to Brazil from the Canary Islands was one of my highlights! I also shoot head-shots and publicity material for up and coming actors and artists from leading agencies in the UK and L.A - and of course who wouldn't love to shoot portraits of cute families & kids? ME!!! I particularly love shooting romance and families but have a passion to shoot anything where I can " tell your story". On a personal level, I love to explore and backpack, ski (snow) and also occasionally act - which has been useful when I have photographed actor stars such as Lesley Nicol from the BBC's Downton Abbey. Being a professional in front and behind the camera means that I know how to direct you and position you with flattering body angles! Let me shoot your magical moments!

Favorite photo spots

WHEN IN LOS ANGELES I shoot probably 20-30 families, couples and individually every month - often in Santa Monica beach or on the Pier or on Venice Beach and occassionally Malibu! Here is a little folio of my lifestyle/portraits folio for families and more: I naturally LOVE Shooting by the ocean or on the pier but also love shooting in nature -- the hills of Hollywood or in in parks. I often get asked to shoot urban style too - where I am based is very central -- near The Grove, a gorgeous family and couple oriented outdoor shopping center- and I am very close to some iconic spots such as LACMA ( 'The lights", Tar Pits), Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills, West Hollywoood etc. WHEN IN BRIGHTON ENGLAND ( my place of birth) Brighton Pier, Brighton Beach, the ancient streets called "The Lanes", Sussex Downs ( Hills and Countryside)



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