Hi everyone, I am Ammata Sanklang, a professional vacation photographer that lived on this beautiful island for long. I am here to offer the best vacation photography service to you. I consistently receive photography requests from people around the world, I love meeting and making friends with everyone. Most of my customers told me that engaging my service is the best part of their Phuket Trip and I believe you can be the next to say so. I also manage to speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Thai languages fluently. Book me now, before you miss the chance. No man is rich enough to buy back the time. 

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Hello! My name is Gina and I am a Kiwi photographer & wedding planner living on the beautiful island of Phuket. I’m blessed to live here in the tropics with my Canadian partner Tim and our darling sons Kingston & Anderson who were born here in Phuket. My days are busy juggling life as a mom, shooting weddings and family portraits, meeting couples, researching & writing – dream life in a beautiful place!

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