Jose Manuel

I was born and have always lived in the wonderful city of Porto, World Heritage Site and the best destination to travel in Europe in 2017. Let yourself be enveloped and fall in love with this almost undiscovered true pearl and take with you the images that will remind you of the unforgettable moments that this city has to offer you.

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maksym headshot


Hello! My name is Maksym. I live and work in beautiful and charming city – Porto,  Portugal.  I always watch and try to catch marvelous moments for you. Most of all, in photographs I appreciate the natural beauty of human emotions such as love, joy, happiness, kindness, and tenderness. I feel happy when people smile. I am convinced that there is not unbeautiful people or unphotogenic because the true beauty is inside of us, our words, our actions make us a beautiful person. I’m 40 years old, married (20 years) and have a son so I guess I know what is the most important in our life.

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