Hi! I’m Alexandra, but my friends call me Alice! My story begins in Bucharest, the city where I was born and raised and the place I’ve discovered my passion for everything creative (except singing, which I cannot do at all!). In recent years I moved to Porto, a city that’s more than just a postcard-type of place and a city I now call my home!

When I’m not taking pictures, I work as a freelance architect and graphic designer, enjoying every minute of it. You could say that my training as an architect made it part of my job to explore cities for their stories which are often times hidden in plain sight. I am a keen traveler myself, therefore I understand what it feels like to uncover lesser known places even in the more famous cities.

Portugal has a special relationship to light and Porto is no exception but I do recommend having the photo session closer to sunset hours if your schedule allows it! Lastly, I hope I will get the chance to shoot your travel and share the experience of (re)discovering Porto together!

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Born and raised in Porto, Portugal.

Graduated in Architecture with Master Degree in Urban Planning complemented with a Post Graduation in Marketing Management in Porto Business School.

Architect until 2011, since then I moved to Professional Photography, an area I already loved in college because of the need for architecture to explain itself through photography. Always improving my knowledge through experiences, works and specialized formations

Extroverted by nature. I like to show the city to my friends and foreign friends, I show with pleasure the best she has, the most instagrammable spots, the most photographic spots, the architecture of the city.

As an architect I have a keen eye for shapes, lights, angles, spaces, fills and voids, and I will try to frame the best shots with you while you are having fun and building new memories to tell for decades to your friends!

Focusing in evolving as photographer, from Architectural Photography to Fashion, passing by Weddings, Corporate events, Bachelorette parties, Future moms, Boudoir, Human environments, Travel, Human Expressions and Portraits. Not confining my working range to a single kind of field, I can reach a wider knowledge in photography through people and their experiences.

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João Cruz (1990) is a photographer and videographer from Porto, Portugal. He currently works as a photographer and videographer in company which owns century old Port Wine brands like Taylor’s, Fonseca, Croft and Krohn and also famous hotels like The Yeatman, Infante Sagres, Vogue Café and more.

He has a very deep passion for travel and meeting new people, he’s always looking forward to the next trip and adventure. He lived for a year in Latvia where he volunteered in a Waldorf kindergarten and met people from all over Europe trough EVS (European Voluntary Service). In 2018 he spent three months in Norway doing work-away and traveling through country, it’s cities and fjords.

Porto is the city where he spent most of his life and he has a very special relation with it since he spent many years discovering it’s streets and hidden spots. He has taught photography and video workshops trough the streets of the city and knows it’s special and most iconic places as well as less visited places with a big photography potencial.

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Jose Manuel

I was born and have always lived in the wonderful city of Porto, World Heritage Site and the best destination to travel in Europe in 2017. Let yourself be enveloped and fall in love with this almost undiscovered true pearl and take with you the images that will remind you of the unforgettable moments that this city has to offer you.

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Hello! My name is Lais. I am Brazilian (but Porto is my home), vegetarian, mother of a beautiful dog - and clearly crazy about animals - and addicted to travels and thrift stores.

Besides, I've been an amateur photographer since I was a young and professional 10 years ago. I graduated in Photography from Universidade Católica de Pernambuco, I did several deepening workshops, I worked for 2 years in the newspaper Diário de Pernambuco and I have publications in magazines in the USA, England, Germany and Ireland.

After photographing everything a little and specializing in the area of marriage and family, I discovered that my passion is to photograph the happiness of people.

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Hello! My name is Maksym. I live and work in beautiful and charming city – Porto,  Portugal.  I always watch and try to catch marvelous moments for you. Most of all, in photographs I appreciate the natural beauty of human emotions such as love, joy, happiness, kindness, and tenderness. I feel happy when people smile. I am convinced that there is not unbeautiful people or unphotogenic because the true beauty is inside of us, our words, our actions make us a beautiful person. I’m 40 years old, married (20 years) and have a son so I guess I know what is the most important in our life.

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A photographer from Barcelona living in Porto. Working in travel and fashion photography for international model agencies and stock photography agencies in Europe and the US. I specialize in fashion and stock photography for Getty Images in the USA, Alamy in the UK, and Prisma in Spain. I work using different natural lights, as I find it more interesting than working in a studio. Something unpredictable can happen during an outside session, making the final result more special and unique. I love to travel to find potential places for photo shoots. On my travels I also scout models for the agency Star System in Paris. I am currently putting all these experiences together to create a travel story through picture and film.

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Born in Lisbon in 1958. In 2009 he entered to the Degree in Audiovisual Communication Technology at the School of Music, Arts and Entertainment in Porto , which concludes in 2012. In 2013 completes the Postgraduate studies in Documentary Photography at the School of Arts of the Portuguese Catholic University in Porto.

He worked after graduation in the delegation of the newspaper "Publico" in Porto (2012-2013) and is currently a freelance photojournalist .
Since 2012 they have regularly published their work in newspapers "Publico", "Expresso", magazine “Visão”, “Exame” and the Agency "Lusa". Developed photographic projects of social character with the European Anti-Poverty Network Portugal since 2013.

In 2015 and 2017 he was one of the 100 photographers (and the only Portuguese) participant of the international project "The Other Hundred"( http:// www.theotherhundred.com )

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